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Pub Group Sees the Benefits of Zonal’s Aztec EPoS System

The Grand Union Group has seen the business benefits of a new Aztec EPoS system from Zonal which was installed last year.

Adam Marshall, Managing Director, sums up the difference it has made to the business. “It has had an incredible impact on the way the company runs. All aspects of the business are affected – from pricing to products, HR, accounts, stock control, operations and time and attendance.

“The Zonal system has transformed the way the company runs. Everything is more transparent; it’s easy to see when people are doing well and likewise when there is something not quite right. Having a professional EPoS system gives customers the confidence that the operation of the business is equally professional.

“It provides accurate, up-to-the-minute data for all products we sell at any time, it is easy to use and even easier to update. Zonal is the market leader for pubs and bars so it makes sense to work with the best!”

“Zonal are at the forefront of EPoS: we only installed our current system in early 2012 so we have many years of use yet with the current system. As technology changes, we are likely to update as and when required.

“It’s important that technology keeps with the times. There’s a lot of talk about mobile, portable EPoS, user generated and touch/swipe payments. I’m confident once these technologies are widely accepted, consumers will adapt their habits accordingly.”

Grand Union Group is an independent group of bars in London. GU prides itself in providing a relaxed atmosphere in beautifully designed surroundings with furniture sourced from vintage shops and auction houses. Its sites have a contemporary/vintage feel which creates a homely environment for consumers to relax and enjoy food and drink.

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