5 September

Product Launch

New iZone module helps operators boost loyalty levels

5th September 2013.

Loyalty is absolutely priceless for hospitality operators because it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one but it is harder than ever to achieve this because of the highly-competitive nature of the leisure market.

Zonal believes that customer loyalty is something well worth striving for so it has developed an innovative technological solution to help operators win the loyalty game, build a better relationship with customers and prosper from retained business.

Its revolutionary iZone Loyalty module part of the iZone suite of marketing tools allows hospitality outlets to operate tailored loyalty schemes through their EPoS terminals so customers can collect points, accumulate œcash back or receive bonus items or discounts.
Stuart McLean, Managing Director, Zonal said: “Customer engagement is more important than ever because outlets have to retain and build a good relationship with as many customers as possible to be successful in the long term. However, traditional loyalty systems have been time consuming to set up and run, plus often do not take account of the fact that consumers are very different in terms of the number of times they visit an outlet and the products they purchase when they are there.”

œiZone Loyalty overcomes this by providing an easy and practical solution for operators by giving them all the tools they need to develop bespoke loyalty schemes that reflect the nature of their business, the behaviour of customers and their individual purchasing habits. By linking individual customers to their product choice and spend data, it allows outlets to develop tailored, one-to-one marketing at the touch of a button.

œThe beauty of iZone Loyalty is that it gives outlets the opportunity to set up a loyalty scheme with minimal fuss and cost. They can use it to encourage and reward loyal behaviour among targeted customers rather than just giving blanket discounts to everybody and wasting resources in the process which has often been the case.

œUsing the tills as the hub, means that staff only ever give the rewards and discounts that have been programmed into the system at head office level which leaves very little room for error and makes training very straight-forward.

œiZone Loyalty ensures all systems, including promotions, pricing and stock ordering, are in sync with the loyalty programme which delivers efficiencies in so many areas and also reduces fraud. It also allows operators to run multiple benefits and schemes if they wish and set date ranges for rewards as they are required.

œUltimately, it provides operators with a state-of-the-art system tailored to the specific needs of their business and their customers that will help build a better relationship with key consumers and generate increased loyalty in the years ahead.

One of the first to experience the benefits of iZone Loyalty is the Orchid Group who operate over 240 pubs, restaurants and bars they have launched an industry first with a loyalty, reservations and till data integration system piloted at its Pizza Kitchen & Bar pubs. It allows managers to access and analyse information on all purchases made by members of the Slice scheme the Pizza Kitchen & Bar loyalty card.

Maria Hamilton, Orchid Group Senior Marketing Manager “ Digital & Loyalty said: “For the first time a pub group will be able to see and understand the needs and habits of loyalty scheme customers, taking into account the various ways they interact with us in the online environment and how that helps to drive a sale offline.”

œBy linking purchase data from our till system with the data we already have on our Slice card holders we can better target our marketing and sales initiatives and time our promotions and offers to align with purchases that our customers are most likely to want to make, at times when they are most likely to take advantage. It is a dedicated and comprehensive system that marks a real step forward in pub till and reward technology.

The iZone Loyalty module is just one of the marketing products available to customers as part of Zonal’s iZone offering “ a complete marketing tool for the hospitality industry. More modules are due to be released throughout the coming months.

Zonal’s Aztec software is used by more than 6,000 businesses including nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and leisure venues. Zonal is the leading supplier to the late night industry catering for over 55% of the UK market.

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