7 October

Product Launch

New Tables solution helps operators manage their space and maximise efficiency

7th October 2013.

Tired of angry customers storming out because of long waits for a table? Fed up with trying to cope with busy periods and finding enough space on tables when there is a rush of impatient customers looking to enjoy your food?

Zonal is helping outlets overcome these traditional business pressures with its latest iZone module “ iZone Tables “ using the latest technology to serve up an EPoS integrated table management solution.
A united one-stop system which will transform the way operators manage wait times, meal stages and table-turn times, iZone Tables can manage online, telephone and walk-in reservations, giving staff complete control and visibility of the dining process from sit-down to payment. It is fully compatible with Zonal Aztec EPoS systems and other iZone suite modules for maximum outlet efficiency.

Stuart McLean, Managing Director, Zonal said: œiZone Tables heralds a new era for restaurants and pubs, automatically maximising the use of table space, boosting revenue and enhancing customer service by speeding up all aspects of dining management. It offers tremendous benefits for operators and their customers and takes the hassle out of the hands of hard-pressed staff, freeing them up to deliver top quality service “ which will keep customers coming back.

œSpace usage is a pressing issue for outlets because they have a limited number of tables but have to try and cope with as many people as possible and this becomes a real issue at busy trading periods when there is a rush and table space is at a premium.

œAnother helpful feature means that diners can be notified by SMS when their table is ready rather than waiting around to be told by a member of staff, which is a service improvement that most consumers will certainly appreciate.

Full EPoS integration means that table usage can be updated on the till or in the iZone Tables application, with meal stages flowing through from the tills or the kitchen management system. It means there is no need to update tables in more than one place as all data is automatically synchronised which saves time and avoids confusion.
Multiple operators can enjoy the added benefit of a database which is shared across all outlets, so staff know about a customer’s profile even if they have never visited that particular venue before “ enabling them to give a better, more personal service. It is already being used by several multiple pub operators and restaurant chains who are reaping the rewards from its introduction.

iZone Tables is accessible on tablets and some mobile devices allowing different staff to update table status on the move. The system also means the spending patterns of individual diners will be retained on the till enabling outlets to build a long-term relationship through tailored marketing activity.

This launch is the latest in a series of high-tech initiatives from Zonal, following the recent arrival of iZone Loyalty, designed to help establishments win the customer loyalty game. Both under the iZone umbrella of marketing tools for the hospitality industry “ more modules are due to be released as the company extends its offering across other operational areas.

McLean concludes: œThe total iZone package was developed to simplify operators™ workload and improve the customer service experience and it is already helping a growing number of outlets make progress in these key areas of business. We are continuing to enhance our offering with innovative, new modules that will help address other business issues.
Zonal’s software is used by more than 6,000 businesses including nightclubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and leisure venues. The company has been helping hospitality outlets achieve their business goals for more than 30 years and works with clients to increase their revenue and decrease costs through its sophisticated product suite, experienced people and partnership approach.

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