23 August

Product Launch

Unlock data intelligence with Dimensions+

We are pleased to launch an insight based solution that unlocks valuable operator data to paint a detailed picture in one single view.

Dimensions+ is an additional module that is available to complement the Dimensions reporting module, that comes as standard as part of Zonal’s Aztec EPoS.  This latest innovation quickly aggregates data from EPoS together with external sources such as Payroll systems and budgets, to create real-time data analysis and comprehensive reporting in an easy to understand graphic format.

Using Microsoft Power BI, Zonal creates valuable intelligence for customers from day one.   With same day activation and ongoing support from Zonal’s Edinburgh-based Help Centre, Dimensions+ can pull through data history and deliver meaningful insights, trends and reporting from the outset.

Zonal’s chief executive Stuart McLean said: “We are market leaders when it comes to EPoS and the data that our customers can collate.  Dimensions+ removes unnecessary steps for our customers by converting the information into one view that allows them to compare various sources of data and gather a huge amount of insight”

“Dimensions+ makes the data manipulation process simple so that our customers are guaranteed to get the most accurate business intelligence.”

Stuart McLean, Zonal’s chief executive

The initial feedback from trials has been extremely positive.  Jonathan Grenville-Grey, operations director from Snug Bars, added: “Dimensions+ is extremely intuitive and mines data quickly, so that we have more time to focus on our business.  The old adage ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ relates to Dimensions+ as it does the same thing for spreadsheets, transforming data into a graphic, which is great to share with employees.”

“It’s a game changer!”

Jonathan Grenville-Grey, operations director, Snug Bars

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