7 October


Zonal provides technical expertise as new training centre opens

7th October 2013.

Zonal, the UK’s leading EPoS provider to the hospitality sector is providing the technical expertise for a new training initiative established by the industry’s Hospitality Guild.

The company has been appointed technology partner of Hospitality House, a centre where a virtual training environment has been created using its systems which will also handle real-life business demands when the venue stages regular events.

Adam Sargeant, Head of Development, Hospitality Guild said: œWe approached Zonal because they™re a market leader in the industry and also came highly recommended by our supporters. They quickly understood the concept of the Hospitality Guild and Hospitality House and what it is we’re trying to achieve for the unity and professional development of the hospitality industry.

œSince coming on board, Zonal have gone over and above what we hoped and have extended their original contribution many times over. We are delighted to have such an exceptional company involved in our state-of-the-art facility.

Stuart McLean, Managing Director, Zonal, said: œWe believe that investment in further development and training for the next generation is absolutely essential, and a positive move which Zonal very much want to be part of. This is something we feel extremely passionate about “ with over 30 years in the hospitality sector, it is time to give something back and contribute to the future of our industry.

œIt is an honour for us to be chosen ahead of our competitors to provide expertise and knowledge for this key training project and we look forward to supporting this important government initiative that will drive standards for many years to come.

Members attending the north London centre, opening this month, will be trained to use Zonal’s Aztec software including the hand-held EPoS terminals, its innovative Cashless Payment Solution and the Kitchen Management System.

They will also learn about the iZone loyalty system, which is a tool that can track customer trends and membership to monitor who is buying certain products, which then allows users to develop and tailor targeted promotions. In addition, Zonal also provided ten screens streaming digital signage and the content management software “ Ad Margin “ to run content throughout the facility. This is a complete technology solution, over and above EPoS, which is where the company made its mark.

Zonal’s McLean concluded: œIt is an important training project for the hospitality industry and we are proud to be involved. Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries “ it is essential people are well trained in all aspects of the business so we can all enjoy the industry’s long term success.

Zonal’s Aztec software is used by more than 6,000 businesses including pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and leisure venues.
The Hospitality Guild was set up in 2012 by 23 of the leading hospitality associations and some of the industry’s largest employers to help set the standards for training and professional development.

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