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- October 2017 -

Zonal goes for gold with HOSPA
published on 4th October 2017

- September 2017 -

Pub group toast Zonal for its outstanding service
published on 27th September 2017
Hotels missing a slice of the F&B cake
published on 13th September 2017

- August 2017 -

Zonal Launches Dimensions+
published on 23rd August 2017

- May 2017 -

- April 2017 -

Zonal is the intelligent choice for SA Brains
published on 18th April 2017

- March 2017 -

- February 2017 -

Big Data – What is it?
published on 21st February 2017
Calling Time on the Shop Window
published on 10th February 2017

- January 2017 -

Zonal Family Reunite at ScotHot
published on 16th January 2017

- December 2016 -

Zonal Directors Sleep Out for Charity
published on 16th December 2016

- November 2016 -

- October 2016 -

Zonal Checks In With High Level Software
published on 10th October 2016

- September 2016 -

Zonal Teams Up with Pennies
published on 8th September 2016

- July 2016 -

Get Smart to the New Wave
published on 11th July 2016
US v UK Research | GO Technology
published on 4th July 2016

- June 2016 -

GO Technology
published on 23rd June 2016
Father’s Day Goes With A Banger
published on 22nd June 2016
Casual Dining Group partners with Zonal
published on 6th June 2016

- March 2016 -

Zonal Launches Acquire
published on 30th March 2016
Zonal expands into Europe with Beds and Bars
published on 8th March 2016

- February 2016 -

- January 2016 -

Zonal Rings up Record Sales and Profit
published on 28th January 2016

- November 2015 -

Hope for Zonal as it wins award
published on 20th November 2015
It’s a cracker of a day for Christmas Bookings
published on 3rd November 2015

- September 2015 -

The Hope Gala Ball
published on 24th September 2015
Olivia checks in to Zonal
published on 21st September 2015

- July 2015 -

Apple Pay
published on 15th July 2015

- June 2015 -

Flypay reinvents the bar tab
published on 24th June 2015
It’s Appi Days for Be At One
published on 19th June 2015
Online bookings research
published on 18th June 2015
LPI Gold Standard Award
published on 1st June 2015
Hope for Children Fundraising
published on 1st June 2015

- May 2015 -

LiveRes Partnership
published on 1st May 2015

- February 2015 -

Kitchen iQ Launch
published on 1st February 2015
Stonegate roll out completion
published on 1st February 2015

- December 2014 -

Family Business Awards
published on 1st December 2014

- November 2014 -

Zonal Brings Hope To Children
published on 1st November 2014

- September 2014 -

Zonal 1m office launch
published on 1st September 2014

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