In today’s fast paced hotel industry, where a multitude of lucrative services can be used concurrently in one establishment by one individual, Zonal understand the need for all your billing functions to work together in one simple-to-use EPoS system.


Powerful Reporting

With the fantastic reporting facilities available in Aztec, hotel managers can analyse all aspects of business performance at the touch of a button, allowing them to make informed decisions for the whole organisation.

The head office can assume complete control of all reporting matters, ideal for new hotels or hotels with inexperienced managers. If preferred, varying amounts of control can be applied to different sites – a vital feature for a growing and ever changing hotel business!


Bespoke Tailoring

We recognise that even within one hotel group, the range of facilities, menus, wine lists and price bands can vary between each individual site. Our versatile EPoS solution has the ability to meet the requirements of any hotel estate ensuring maximum customer service efficiency.

We also appreciate that even within one hotel, the number of sales areas accommodating guests can vary. We therefore provide hotel management with the ability to set exclusive area specific products and prices.


Real-Time Billing

A main concern of any hectic hotel is that all facilities, meals and drinks are charged to the correct customer account and settled before departure. Our Aztec EPoS solution charge food and drink to the guests room account in real-time meaning the integration between the front office system and Aztec ensures no customer transactions are incorrectly billed.


Property Management System (PMS) Interfaces

The ability to post room-specific sales to hotel systems is a key feature within the Aztec systems. Posting is carried out in real-time to ensure all orders are allocated to a room account, so they are settled in the check-out process.

The interface provides sales data to the Hotel Management System in real-time, allowing the PMS to manage the business more effectively.  Aztec has the ability to send all non-room postings to the PMS e.g. cash/ card payments and sales for full reconciliation in the PMS.


Hotel Restaurants

Our EPoS systems and integrated kitchen management systems are suited to any restaurant environment.  Our solution can help hotel restaurants improve their guest experience in the restaurant with improved service, whilst increasing sales.


Stock Management

Our stock management systems are one of the most powerful in the industry and give you the flexibility to monitor products of all divisions between the different zones in your site.

Our invaluable Aztec Stock software provides an unprecedented level of control, allowing you to order new stock ‘just in time’ – a vital tool for effective cash flow. This also minimises the amount of stock you need to hold on site thereby maximising the space available for your sales areas. We work on a first in first out basis, whereby old stock is always used up first – essential if you want to minimise waste in your kitchen.

The Zonal solution will achieve:

REDUCED WASTAGE – 10% reduction with its First In First Out feature

INCREASED EFFICIENCY – automatic communication between front of house and kitchen system

EASY INTEGRATION – linked seamlessly with HR, Finance and Hotel Management Systems (PMS)

REDUCED STAFF TRAINING – systems are simple to use so staff need minimal training

FULLY CUSTOMISABLE – systems allow site specific promotions and price levels to be set

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY – wireless handheld terminals available

ROBUST DESIGNS – built to withstand knocks and liquid spills

UNPRECEDENTED CONTROL LEVELS – in-built stock auditing system

TOTAL REASSURANCE – immediate tab credit for products and services


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