Leisure & Late Night

From stadiums and holiday parks to nightclubs and coffee shops, we understand that within the leisure market EPoS requirements are dynamic. At Zonal, our systems are built to provide you with a flexible and powerful solution, providing high volumes of transactions, across many sales areas, at any one time.

Our Aztec EPoS systems include features created to make your business run at maximum efficiency. From advanced booking features, producing entrance and cloakroom tickets, to our retail feature which enable you to print shelf-edge labels or the ability to allow shops to scan bar-coded items and record sales accurately on the central EPoS system, Zonal has it covered!

Aztec provides full integration across admissions, cloakroom, food and drink, with additional functionality to manage advance web bookings, loyalty programmes, and redemption of gift cards and vouchers.

Aztec eliminates the need to purchase separate admission and cloakroom systems providing one easy to use integrated system that has been proven to deliver massive business benefits to all of the leading hospitality operators in the UK.


Powerful Reporting

We provide more than reporting – we provide management with extensive reporting over all areas of your business allowing them to obtain specific information such as profit per item, sales per time period, sales per employee and even employee errors on EPoS. You don’t even have to wait until the end of a trading period – stock and sales information is available in real-time so you can obtain detailed reports at any time of day.

Zonal understand the leisure and nightclub industry and its requirements with over 35 years of supplying the industry’s leading operators. The on-site reporting provides powerful information on spend per head, the cost of promotions and discounts, and the ability to manage loyalty campaigns.

Aztec Head Office can assume complete control of all reporting matters, ideal for new venues or venues with inexperienced managers. There is also the ability if requested, to vary the amount of control per site.


Managing multiple concepts and sales areas

From experience we know that within one leisure business, the range of facilities, menus and price bands can vary between individual sites. Aztec gives you the flexibility to meet the requirements of any venue and allows you to customise site systems to their specific requirements.

We also understand that even within one leisure venue, the number of sales areas dealing with customers can vary. Therefore we can provide you with the ability to optimise sales and margin opportunities by defining different products and prices such as premium price bands to exclusive areas.


Sales Ledgers

For leisure venues that allow customers to enjoy facilities on account, all the services, meals and drinks enjoyed by your customers are charged to the correct account in real-time, ensuring that customer accounts are up-to-date at all times.


Stock Management

Our real-time stock management system is one of the most powerful in the industry and provides the flexibility to monitor product movement in all divisions between the different zones in your site.

Real-time awareness of current stock holding and usage gives you the power to manage supply and monitor profit margins more effectively, while Aztec Stock will ensure that only those products in stock can be sold on the EPoS Terminal – it will even inform staff of the numbers remaining for sale!


Time and Attendance

Aztec will be integrated into your business software, such as HR and payroll systems. Employee reporting allows you to monitor the performance of staff across your estate and identify where best performance can be rewarded or where further training is required.

Our Staff Scheduler feature enables site managers to assign different jobs on different days to staff. Staff rotas can be defined several weeks in advance and the security option allows you to prevent staff from changing their job type when clocking in.

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