We recognise that although every restaurant chain is different, communication is key to every single site to ensure maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re a multi-national casual dining chain or a small, high class, one-off bistro, our restaurant EPoS systems can be tailored around your individual requirements to provide you with a dedicated solution ideal for your needs.


Key EPoS Features

Our restaurant point of sale terminals, both static devices and iServe handhelds, are rich with features all designed to make life easier for your restaurant staff. They aim to improve your customer service (leading to increased loyalty) whilst allowing you to maximise revenues.

  • Per-seat ordering improves customer experience
  • Powerful iServe handhelds allow staff to take orders directly from tables, increasing customer service levels
  • Orders from terminals are transmitted to the Kitchen Management System in real-time allowing front of house teams to service orders with maximum efficiency
  • As orders are taken, the EPoS terminal prompts for different order choices or up-selling opportunities which are relevant to the order, ensuring accurate orders and potential increasing sales.
  • The EPoS terminals highlight when a particular dish or item is running low on stock thus limiting customer disappointment.
  • Online assistance and a training mode for every procedure ensures a speedier service and increased accuracy of ordering.



Powerful Reporting

EXPERIENCE – Built on over 35 years experience, Zonal’s outstanding reporting systems provide managers of restaurant businesses with the know-how to monitor the performance of their sites as a whole or on an individual basis. This information ensures informed decisions are made on products, prices and promotions all of which help to maximise the revenue-earning potential of each individual restaurant.

INSIGHT – With such a fast-moving marketplace, we appreciate the need to be able to respond quickly to the changing tastes of your clientele. Our system’s invaluable reporting facilities allow you to simply and swiftly take action by providing you with real opportunities to boost sales and monitor results for subsequent events.

CONTROL – We allow your head offices to assume complete control of all reporting matters (ideal for new sites or sites with inexperienced managers). We can also vary the amount of control applied to a site on a site to site basis.


Stock Control

The Aztec Stock software provides an unprecedented level of control. It allows you to order new stock ‘just in time’ – a vital tool for effective cash flow. Our outstanding stock management systems work on a first in first out basis so oldest stock is always used up first – essential for minimising wastage in your kitchen.

Aztec Stock will ensure that only products that are in stock can be sold on the EPoS terminal – it will even inform staff of the numbers remaining for sale.


Bespoke Tailoring

As your restaurant estate grows, we can help you give your site managers more control over the panels on the electronic point of sale terminals. This allows each manager to edit the theme and pricing for their site by adding daily specials and local dishes to the menu. Promotions can also be configured based on accrued sales information, maximising your sales opportunities.


Time and Attendance


Aztec will be integrated into your business software, such as HR and payroll systems. Employee reporting allows you to monitor the performance of staff across your estate and identify where best performance can be rewarded or where further training is required.

Our Staff Scheduler feature enables site managers to assign different jobs on different days to staff. Staff rotas can be defined several weeks in advance and the security option allows you to prevent staff from changing their job type when clocking in.

We develop our systems around your individual needs, achieving:

REDUCED WASTAGE – 10% reduction with its First In First Out feature

INCREASED EFFICIENCY – automatic communication between front of house and kitchen management system

REDUCED STAFF TRAINING – systems are simple to use so staff need minimal training

FULLY CUSTOMISABLE – systems allow daily additions for specials and promotions

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY – iServe handheld terminals

ROBUST DESIGNS – built for the hospitality sector

UNPRECEDENTED CONTROL LEVELS – security rights for EPoS and back of

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