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Be At One has been shaking up the cocktail bar scene since its launch in 1998.  Today the company venues throughout London and further sites in Bath, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Oxford and Reading.

At the heart of its success is the company’s focus of serving the very finest, handmade cocktails, mixed and delivered by talented and friendly staff with a blend of engaging award winning technology.

Understanding the power of smartphone technology, with most people having a device within reach 24/7, Be At One was an early adopter of apps.

Having initially launched an app in 2011, which acted as a mobile website for the company, Be At One was quick to spot the potential and launched Appi Hour the following year.  This remains a customer favourite and allows guests to access their own personalised happy hour where they can get two cocktails for £9.50 after the regular happy hour has finished.

This revolutionised the way guests used the app and as a result, it has had over 100,000 downloads.

However, when it comes to technology, resting on your laurels is not an option.  Keeping an app fresh, relevant and engaging is essential if customers are to continue to use it.

Turning to Zonal’s digital agency TXD,  Be At One has managed to stay at the forefront of app technology.  In June 2015, the app was updated to enable guests to upload credit, offering customers cash free transactions and speed up payment at the bar.

The app is integrated with PayPal and Zonal’s Aztec EPoS system, so that payment is taken at the EPoS utilising a unique customer QR code.  This new technology is emerging and is starting to grow in popularity with Be At One guests, which is helping deliver overall satisfaction and loyalty.

The latest app also has other additional features, whilst retaining popular offers such as Appi Hour and Be Appventurous, a £5 offer using a cocktail randomizer.  Newly launched Appi Hour Extra, allows guests to gain an extra 15 minutes of Appi Hour if they share their Be At One experience on Facebook or Twitter.

Be At One marketing manager, Sarah Swaysland, said: “Since we adopted app technology back in 2011, we have recognised its power for guest engagement and driving loyalty.  Visiting a Be At One is an experience and it’s vital our app adds to that by being fun, quirky and of benefit to our guests.

The team at TXD, who have extensive sector knowledge and expertise, understand that and work with us to ensure that we are one step ahead of our guests.  A great example, is the growing demand for cashless payment options, so guests can budget and have a great night in our bars with their friends.

“With TXD’s expertise we have been able to introduce payment via the app, helping speed up the process, allowing our guests to spend more time with their friends, instead of waiting at the bar to pay.  With the extra incentive of social sharing in exchange for extra Appi Hour time, our fans can now engage with us more often and more effectively.”

And it seems to have hit the spot, with over 50,000 downloads of the new app since its launch.  Plus it was recognised as best in class at the prestigious Brand Republic Digital Awards 2015.

TXD’s head of mobile applications, Matt Brooks, said: “Be At One understands the recipe of success for adopting a successful app.  The team focus on the customer relationship and that in turn drives engagement, sales and loyalty.

“Simply wanting an app is not enough, its vital businesses understand how the app is going to improve the overall customer experience.

We always look at three key stages of a customer journey; before going out, being in venue and post visit.  An app should be relevant for all three stages.”

Be At One’s app delivers on every level:

Stage 1: A browsing facility enables guests to choose a shortlist of cocktails ahead of their visit based on their favourite flavours and liquors.  Plus a booking facility allows guests to reserve seating for their party.

Stage 2: Bespoke offers such as Appi Hour and Be Appventurous, plus payment credit facility add to the guest experience once comfortably seated at their favourite Be At One bar.

Stage 3: Guest feedback and analysing data to assess how guests have used the app and the most popular functions.

As for the future, Matt Brooks believes that personalised offers, mobile ordering and payment are key trends that will show a sharp increase in demand.

In recent times, TXD through its association with Zonal has seen a marked increase in demand for mobile payment, with over half of all consumers keen to use mobile devices to speed things up when drinking or dining out.

This is supported by   research carried out in partnership with CGA Peach, which shows that half (51%) of 18 to 44 year-olds say they are ready to use their mobile device for payment but a majority are concerned about safety.

“Consumer demand for mobile payment is so strong that operators, such as Be At One, who want to stay ahead of the competition will have to embrace new technology – it’s no longer an option.  We know that giving customers the tools to pay for their drinks or meal, through their mobile devices is key to reducing consumer frustrations.”

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We take your privacy seriously and will never pass your details on to third parties. When you contact us we will store your personal details to contact you. You can read our full privacy policy here

We take your privacy seriously and will never pass your details on to third parties. When you contact us we will store your personal details to contact you. You can read our full privacy policy here