Zonal’s Kitchen iQ is intelligent choice for Tampopo

Pan Asian eatery Tampopo has been cooking up a storm since it launched in Manchester in 1997.  Co-founders David Fox and Nick Jeffrey resigned from their corporate jobs and moved from the Big Smoke to Manchester, which they identified as an emerging culinary hot spot.

Today, the still privately owned business has three restaurants in Manchester and one in central London serving food from East Asia including Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

Due to the nature of the cuisine on offer, fresh ingredients served quickly is a key part of its offer.  And that’s where an organised kitchen is vital to ensure that optimum service is maintained at all times of the day and week.

So, when Zonal Retail Data Systems announced it was looking to launch a kitchen management system, Kitchen iQ, that would integrate with Tampopo’s existing Aztec EPoS system, David and his team were very keen to be early adopters.

Tampopo’s CEO, David Fox, said: We have been with Zonal for four years and have been impressed with the unique integrated features they bring to EPoS, focusing on the very specific needs of the hospitality sector.

Their Aztec EPoS system has transformed our business and given us a platform on which we can manage everything from our stock control through to table management, and now kitchen management.

Kitchen iQ has been developed to improve speed and accuracy across the whole food delivery process, especially at times when kitchens are under pressure.  This is where kitchen management systems, such as Kitchen iQ, come into their own as they get waiting and kitchen staff working in harmony to give customers what they want: good food served quickly and accurately.

Once orders are taken, kitchen screens, which can be personalised to the needs of any operation, present the information in a clear and concise format. To further improve efficiency, orders are automatically routed to their correct cooking stations plus warning and alert times set, so that the kitchen is fully aware of progress.

Colour coded screens indicate the status of orders and enables teams to move orders through different stages. As the orders progress, the system will page front of house teams to notify when orders are ready, improving communication.

For multi-site operators, such as Tampopo, Kitchen iQ offers central configuration with the ability to change and update screens across a whole or part of an estate from one central location. Business intelligence is delivered through real time reporting on order, prep and wait times at both site and estate levels.

David added: I can walk into any one of our restaurants and see at a glance if the kitchen is in control of service.  Before, I’d have to wade through a mountain of paper orders, which is time consuming.  For our front of house and kitchen staff, it’s also meant the entire process is digitalised reducing mistakes and speeding up the food delivery process.  This has definitely had a positive impact on our customer satisfaction results!

“The direct communication between front of house and kitchen teams is also greatly reduced, so the kitchen staff can focus on making the food to a high quality, even when under pressure and the customer facing staff can focus on delivering a friendly and efficient service.

As a business, Kitchen iQ has given us the data we need to plan for service much better, identifying key trading times that were previously going under the radar, such as Sundays.”

“And most importantly Kitchen iQ is a big hit with our staff, who have all benefitted from the technology.  There is no other provider out there delivering the same level of practical solutions that Zonal achieves for hospitality operators.  The fact that their solutions integrate with the central EPoS system is priceless, as trying to get two different systems to interface will always lead to glitches “ and you only need one or two hiccups, to lose faith.

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