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Ambie helps more than 2,000 hospitality businesses globally take control of their background music, creating brand consistency and memorable guest experiences which drive sales.

Why Ambie?

What we do

Ambie combines human expertise with smart technology to provide a centralised background music service that’s tailored to your brand, space and customer. Ambie is as an extension of your team; curating, managing and evolving your music over time, keeping your brand fresh and up to date, but without the hassle.

Tailored to your space

Tailored sound profiles for each area based on your brand, customer demographic and trading patterns.

Consistency as you grow

Keep control of your music across multiple locations and ensure complete brand consistency.

Save valuable time

Get rid of the hassle and let Ambie update, refresh and manage what’s playing across your business.

How it works

  • Curate
    Our expert music curators design and schedule playlists tailored to achieve your goals, whilst our smart technology ensures the sound remains fresh, relevant and up-to-date.
  • Deliver
    No matter your location or size, Ambie’s Plug & Play device ensures a quick and painless setup, with robust audio playback and offline support.
  • Manage
    Our app means you can monitor and manage the music across all your spaces with multiple permission settings for different roles.

Why music matters

Shape and enhance

Music has the power to alter guests perceptions of your brand and create positive associations with it.

Drive spend

Music has the potential to affect your customers’ dwell time, footfall, and purchase behaviour.

Foster loyalty

Guests are likely to return, repeat and increase their business if they have a positive experience through music.

Amplify your brand

Music brings your brand to life and amplifies your reputation in a saturated and competitive market.

96% of our customers renew their subscriptions each year. Here's why...

“Ambie is the perfect all-in-one solution, offering a distinctly fresher mix of music, a higher level of care, and more user-friendly technology than our previous supplier”
David Wright, Head of Guest at Allstar Lanes.
“With Ambie, we received complete consistency and uniformity across the whole estate, with ease of use. The music is themed across the different areas within Foxhills. It is personable and not a faceless service”
Marc Hayton, Managing Director at Foxhills Club and Resort
“We chose Ambie because of the flexibility of their music curation, the ease of their system, and the personal approach they brought to everything”
Jennifer Needham, Head of Entertainment, Events and Partnerships at Harbour Hotels.

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