Guest WiFi helps you understand your guests and what makes them tick. In an industry where the customer is at the heart of everything we do, having a seamless WiFi journey ensures you capture as much information about your guests as possible. Guest WiFi, through Wireless Social, helps you do just that, making more people, your people.

Fully integrated with Zonal’s EPoS and our online bookings system, this joined up technology allows you to keep your guest data in one place, matching up WiFi, bookings and POS data.

Grow your database

We know that 80% of customers who log onto your Guest WiFi network, actually sign up and register. Guest WiFi not only grows your customer database, it also allows you to recognise your most loyal customers and get a clearer picture of customer behaviour.

Customer connections

When a guest connects to your WiFi you connect with them. Understanding who walks through the door is important, and WiFi can help unlock who your customers are and build a deeper relationship with them.

Customer insights

Guest WiFi, thorough Wireless Social, allows you to segment your customer data by interest, age, gender and even visit frequency for more targeted and relevant communications.

Branded your way

Our guest WiFi platform is fully customisable and can be branded the way you like it.

Personalised log-in pages

When guests return to your venue, they are automatically logged in to your network. Furthermore, you can customise your log-in pages for each individual guest based on their previous activity. Tailor your messaging based on an individuals’ visit frequency, their gender, age or even their birthday.

Optimise revenue

Identify sales opportunities and periods of high footfall that are busiest. Take action and adapt staffing, product offerings, and even opening times. These insights can be used to develop best practises that can be replicated in other areas, and across multiple sites.

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Seamless Guest Journey

From branded splash page to segmented landing pages, the guest journey is in your control.

Understanding Visit Frequency

See how often your guests are returning and how long they are spending with you.

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Increase Your Reviews

Integrations with Google Business and Trip Advisor automatically ask your guests for feedback.

Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting small independents and large chains alike.

Guest WiFi works well with

Mobile Order and Pay

Keep staff and customers safe and COVID-compliant by empowering guests to take the ordering and payment process into their own hands. Available exclusively to Zonal EPoS customers, this fully customisable solution is deployed quickly and simply via your website.

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