Butcher & Catch hooks up with Zonal

Sheffield based Butcher & Catch may be a young business but mature in its approach to business.

Founded in 2017 by Adam Pierce and Liam Ridge, who had clocked up experience in the hospitality sector, they knew that if they were to succeed, reliable technology needed to be part of their start-up mix.

With a vision to provide a great space where the experience is just as important as the food, Butcher & Catch wanted to create a completely different experience to the multi-site, mass catering approach that the founders had witnessed during their years in the restaurant industry.

Having successfully used Zonal’s Aztec EPoS for several years in previous companies, Butcher & Catch was keen to explore another product from Zonal’s range of hospitality business solutions to manage reservations – liveRES. liveRES is an EPoS-integrated, real-time reservations solution that allows customers to book from any device and through any channel.

Adam said:

“Our restaurant is not located on a highly trafficked road, it’s a destination restaurant, so immediacy and live availability to a reservations diary was key.”

The liveRES programme means that Butcher & Catch customers can book with confidence at any time on any device.  For staff, it means they can analyse booking data and identify trends.  It also means that customer table preferences can be accommodated without fuss and it’s easy to keep track of meal stages and in-session diners.  Therefore, potential bottlenecks can be avoided by staggering reservations.

“Using liveRES meant we could open with confidence, knowing that we had full control over volume and flow of bookings. We could protect ourselves from any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking, which in turn led to a totally successful launch,” added Adam.

And the results say it all.  Butcher & Catch have greater table visibility and EPoS integration means moving tables and juggling customers and tabs in-session is fast and simple.  Also, by tweaking available booking times they can fit in an extra sitting, and therefore increase yield and revenue.

The user-friendly system means staff training is quick and painless.  The overall working environment is less stressful for both front and back of house teams, due to intelligent planning, as they benefit from greater control by staggering reservations and managing expectations.  This gives teams the time they need to focus on the customer and deliver that personal service that Butcher & Catch prides itself on delivering.

“Through these analytics we have been able to analyse data for busy times – such as Friday and Saturday nights – and identify when most customers were requesting a table,” explained Adam. “By tweaking available booking times, we are now able to fit in an extra sitting, significantly increasing the yield and revenue.”

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