Mowgli boosts table management and operational efficiency with Zonal’s fully-integrated technology

Introducing Mowgli

Founded in 2014 by Nisha Katona, awarded an MBE for services to the food industry

Serves delicious authentic Indian street food

First restaurant opened in Liverpool

Now operates 10 restaurants across the UK

“Zonal’s great for integration, and the booking system itself is super intelligent. We’re able to allocate tables and design things in the way that we want in each site, which is awesome.”
Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli

The business challenge

Mowgli prides itself on being a home from home, where customers can enjoy warm hospitality and comforting food. But its previous technology provider was failing to support Mowgli’s vision. A lack of system and EPoS integration was impacting Mowgli’s operations, meaning that Mowgli were unable to effectively link spend with customer reservations.

Previous technology provider was failing to support Mowgli’s vision

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Booking interface on mowgli’s website hosted by third-party reservation site, driving repeat bookers away to other venues

Lack of integration with the till

Couldn’t see which customers were regular visitors and those who were not

“The fact that it links up with our tills is very useful. Everything is much more streamlined now.”
Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli

The solution

Mowgli decided to upgrade to Zonal, complementing its EPoS system with liveRES Tables – Zonal’s fully EPoS-integrated reservations and table management system.

By partnering with Zonal, Mowgli benefits by:

  • Retaining all bookers on Mowgli’s own website throughout the booking process and not losing them to a third-party site.
  • Linking booking information to EPoS spend to get a better understanding of each customer
  • Having a customisable booking and table management solution
  • Being able to identify and reward its most loyal customers
  • Removing expensive commissions and minimising costs

“One of our managers has started to add booking notes for repeat customers, saying that they like a certain bottle of wine, just so we can add that extra little touch when loyal customers visit us.”
Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli


Upgrading to Zonal’s purpose-built, integrated suite of technology has had a fantastic impact to Mowgli’s day-to-day operations. Table allocation and customer tracking is made simple, giving Mowgli the ability to recognise and reward its most valued customers. And Mowgli greatly appreciate the expert support provided by Zonal’s knowledgeable team. From implementation to ongoing refinements, Mowgli’s account manager, is available to offer valuable advice.

Ability to streamline operations and work more cost-effectively
EPoS integration for operational efficiency
Ability to recognise and reward most valued customers
Customers remain on Mowgli website for better booking experience
“The fact that we can track repeat custom is a huge benefit. We weren’t able to track customers beforehand, but now I can see that customer come three or four times a month.”
Emily Burroughs, Operations Administrator, Mowgli

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