EPoS for Managers

Designed for business owners and managers, the EPoS for Managers training course explains the relevance of base data, lists the six main product types, how to set up your basic wet and food items, and complete basic price changes.

This course can be delivered in our offices in Edinburgh or Abingdon, or at a location and time to suit you. Our face-to-face training can also be fully customised to help you get the most out of your EPoS system.

What will you learn?

  • How to use estate and product structures, product divisions, units, suppliers, portion types, print streams and tags. Learn how this impacts on reporting functionality, and how to use filter options including tags.
  • How to use Zonal’s built in product module which allows you to create and maintain all your products in one place and used across all the EPoS system for ordering, deliveries, stock auditing and sales. Learn how to create and manage page layouts, product types, recipe and line items, portions and stock units. You will learn about the different product types, best practice methods and the creation of different products dependant on portion sizes.
  • How to use the pricing module, complete price changes, add a price band, add future price increases and create supplement banding charging for choices.
  • How to control the design and layout of your EPoS system with Zonal’s theme modelling module. Learn the basic functionality of themes, site set up, estate set up, panels and adding buttons. How to add products to panels including security, estate structures and how to send back to the POS.
  • Learn how to create different types of promotions, understand and how to disable a promotion

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