Five awesome integrations that will take your Loyalty to the next level

Written by Nicola Hair

24th May 2024

With loyalty schemes becoming increasingly popular amongst cost-conscious customers prioritising value and reliable experiences, we’re committed to helping you maximise the benefits of your Zonal Loyalty programmes.

In this article, we take you through five ways your current Zonal Loyalty programmes can be linked to our wider connected ecosystem to help make Loyalty sign-up and redemption a breeze for both guests and staff alike.

1. Receive real-time, automatic reward conversions with Aztec POS

The integration between Loyalty and Aztec allows for real-time, automatic reward conversion. Customers can redeem rewards by scanning a QR code or entering their number, making the process quick and efficient. This integration is particularly useful during busy times, ensuring smooth transactions. If you have adopted iServe, you can also scan QR codes using the camera to add to an order.

Discover more about Aztec POS >>


2. Offer automated, segmented rewards via Airship

For those using our hospitality CRM, Airship, our integration with Loyalty offers advanced segmented rewards. Airship can automatically trigger emails based on loyalty points accrued, birthdays and registration, encouraging members to check their accounts for new rewards. Dynamic fields in emails include loyalty card numbers, making it easy for members to access their rewards. Additionally, Airship can alert members to expiring points or offers, driving them to visit your venue.

Discover more about Airship >>


3. Link customer loyalty cards and accounts to reservations in Zonal Bookings

Integrating Loyalty with our reservations and table management platform, Zonal Bookings, enables your customers’ loyalty cards and accounts to be automatically linked to their bookings, eliminating the need to scan cards or QR codes at the till. A heart symbol will appear next to their booking in the Tables Host platform, and the customer’s loyalty card details will pull through to the POS, allowing for easy application of discounts. You can also reward customers for making and completing reservations, such as a reward for their next visit or even on a specific number of reservations, enhancing their experience and encouraging them to visit again.

*Table Management is required for this integration.

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4. Automatic enrolment for customers with Zonal’s bespoke mobile app

If you’re already using our White Label App and have your loyalty sign-up journey included, you can set up auto enrolment. This means that anyone who signs up to the app will automatically be signed up for Loyalty too. This is done within the settings in iOrder, allowing for a shorter customer journey, instead of having to sign up for both the App and Loyalty.

Within the White Label App the customer will be able to see a QR code for their Loyalty card along with all their rewards. Using the Order & Pay journey customers can earn their points or currency as well as having the ability to redeem some of the rewards.

Discover more about Zonal’s bespoke app >>


5. Reward overnight guests by linking your Zonal Loyalty platform with Zonal’s PMS

If your business offers accommodation, Zonal’s PMS integration enables you to reward residential guests through Zonal Loyalty. Guests can earn points or currency based on their accommodation costs and can spend this currency on accommodation transactions. Loyalty card numbers can be added during the booking or check-in process, and guests can earn points on food and beverage transactions using post-to-room functionality and swiping/scanning their card or QR code for each transaction.

Discover more about Zonal’s PMS >>

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any questions or need further assistance in enhancing your Loyalty programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

By Nicola Hair

Customer Success Consultant at Zonal

Nicola is a Customer Success Consultant at Zonal, using her 20+ years’ experience in Hospitality, Events and Hotels to assist Zonal's customers with our Bookings platform. Nicola works directly with our customers to ensure they are getting the full benefits of their solutions to enhance both their business and operations - consulting with existing customers to maximise their usage and understanding as well as guiding new customers through the set up process.

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