No-shows are on the rise again. The number of customers not turning up for bookings has doubled from 6% in September 2022 to 12% in 2023, costing the industry an estimated £17.59bn per year..

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating No-Shows

The latest figures from Zonal and CGA by NielsenIQ uncovered that the rate of no-shows has doubled since September 2022, rising from 6% to 12% across this year, once again costing the hospitality industry an estimated £17.59bn in lost revenue per year.

This rise comes at a time when every penny counts for hospitality, with rising energy costs, staffing shortages and supply chain issues – all amidst a cost-of-living crisis – creating a difficult trading landscape.

Educating the public is an ongoing task for those of us working in hospitality, however there are a number of steps that you as operators can begin implementing today to reduce the likelihood of unfulfilled bookings, as well as reduce the impact of those that do unfortunately occur.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Eliminating No-shows to discover:

  • Key insights from our previous research into the scale and causes of no-shows
  • Steps you can take to eliminate no-shows in your venue, such as deposits and loyalty schemes
  • Advice on how to implement these solutions to combat the issue

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No-shows cost the hospitality industry an estimated £17.59 billion in lost sales every year. Join our group of passionate industry supporters to help spread the message far and wide and encourage customers to #ShowUpForHospitality.

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