New all-in-one Hotel and Restaurant Solution

This is Zonal's hotel and restaurant solution

Zonal has launched a complete hotel and restaurant reservation solution that will help hoteliers increase F&B spend. A full integration between Zonal’s hotel management system, High Level Software and restaurant reservations system liveRES, offers guests live availability of both rooms and tables in the same booking journey.

High Level’s new, fully responsive booking engine now links directly to the liveRES availability feed. All restaurant reservations are also stored in the PMS, giving a much wider view of the customer journey, spending and booking preferences. This increased visibility of consumer habits allows hoteliers to market more effectively to them and improve repeat custom.

Hoteliers can also make table reservations directly from the PMS, where a full restaurant list is updated in real time.

High Level Software’s managing director, Rhys Swinburn, said: “This is an exciting development that will enable hoteliers to grow their F&B sales. This integration allows a significant upsell opportunity and offers hoteliers the best chance to capture in-house diners who would ordinarily venture outside the hotel. It’s not only a huge benefit for existing HLS and liveRES customers, but a game-changer in the independent market.

This is an integrated, cloud based, cost effective solution that will drive previously untapped revenue.”

Read more about the solution here.

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