Zonal reports 30% sales growth for its liveRES online bookings solution

This is liveRES table management system

Zonal is pleased to announce a 30% year on year growth in sales for its online bookings and table management solution, liveRES.

During the year, we have partnered with several key brands including Prezzo, and Wadworth with our liveRES technology.

With competition for the consumer pound at an all-time high, brands are turning to digital solutions to make the guest journey as engaging and seamless as possible. Consumers are feeding this trend as online reservations overtook the telephone for the first time this year as their preferred method of booking (source: GO Technology).

liveRES commercial director, David Charlton, said: “We are seeing brands looking to take back control of their guest journey from third party operators in order to build engagement and improve the customer experience, from the moment they visit their website to when they step into their venue.”

David added: “Our customers are also using automation to help their front of house teams deliver a superior, personal service. A consumer can, for example, redeem a loyalty voucher at the time of booking, which is then automatically deducted from the final bill. Brands also have the intel to identify regular and loyal customers, allowing them the opportunity to surprise and delight their guests when they visit.  It’s these subtle nuances that make such a big difference to how brands are perceived and what will make customers return time and time again.”

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