People vs Tech: What guests want in 2023

Exclusive research into hospitality consumer attitudes towards technology as part of the overall guest experience

The role of technology in hospitality is evolving – not only are guests used to seeing technology in-venue, they now expect it to be present. But the importance of human connection for which the hospitality industry is known and loved so well, is not to be underestimated.

Produced in partnership with CGA by NielsenIQ, we asked 5,000 UK hospitality consumers to find out their views on technology in hospitality.

With 55% of those surveyed believing that a balance between technology and a human touch delivers the best hospitality experiences, ensuring you’re meeting the expectations of ever-increasingly digitally-savvy guests, will be key for success now, and in the future.

What's in the report?

  • When guests prefer to use technology versus interacting with staff
  • How guest preferences change at different stages of the customer journey
  • Average spend by tech natives versus those who prefer a human touch
  • How attitudes to tech may develop over time