Operational efficiencies bloom at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Introducing the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Attracts almost 1 million visitors a year

Operates the Gateway Restaurant through its caterer, Sodexo

Capacity for 260 covers

Serves up to 1,700 meals a week

The Gateway Restaurant is an important source of income

“Adopting an EPoS solution that is geared for the hospitality sector has been a revelation, giving us significantly improved levels of control, flexibility and data capture that was not previously accessible.”
Catering Services Director, Sodexo

The business challenge

The Gateway Restaurant’s size offers potential for great income, but it’s also a challenge to keep costs down and streamline operations. At the same time, the customer experience needs to be excellent to keep the venue popular and profitable.

Manual orders meant slow service and risk of human error

Customer experience was being compromised

Difficult to get insights into business performance

Lack of understanding around what slows down food preparation

Lack of tech integration meant little data to work with

“The fact that iServe and Kitchen iQ work together with EPoS, gives us insight into the business that we never thought possible.”
Catering Services Director, Sodexo
This is Zonal's Kitchen Management System

The solution

Zonal’s EPoS system was installed, offering built-in business modules ranging from finance and people management, through to stock and pricing. In addition, Zonal’s handheld ordering solution – iServe and kitchen management solution – Kitchen iQ were implemented, with a wide range of immediate benefits.

  • iServe allows staff to send orders directly to the bar or kitchen
  • Orders are clearly presented on screens in the kitchen as soon as they’re taken
  • Faster, more accurate service improves the customer experience
  • Tech integrations give insights into performance and areas for improvement
  • Zonal’s flexible solutions give greater power to make small improvements when needed

“The quality of EPoS reporting is excellent and has made the day to day running of the restaurant more efficient, structured and ultimately profitable. The integrated solution enables us to quickly identify and update menus, pricing and table allocation.”
Catering Services Director, Sodexo


Zonal’s range of integrated solutions allow The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to achieve its goals of streamlining service processes, giving staff the tools to free up time to focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences. Reporting capabilities enable the team to make data-driven decisions to further improve performance and profitability.

Orders sent to the kitchen automatically
EPoS integration for operational efficiency
This is a clock icon
Improved speed of service and customer experience
This is a graph icon
Ability to streamline operations and work more cost-effectively
“With Zonal we are also able to plan our teams much better and avoid unnecessary payroll costs, building in efficiencies.”
Catering Services Director, Sodexo

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