Zonal Table Management Workshop

Our Table Management Workshop is a comprehensive, full day course, held in-house at your business or at one of our sites in Edinburgh or Oxfordshire (see our offices) with one of our LPI accredited trainers.

By the end of this Table Management Workshop you will be able to demonstrate knowledge of editing turn times, capacity and table joins, as well as managing table reservations, waitlists and how to maximise capacity. At the end of each section you will have a measurement activity to ensure you have fully understood the course content and successfully gained experience on using the liveRES Tables system. We can also will be on-hand to make any amendments to the initial configuration should we find you need it.

Who is this course suitable for

This course is designed for new users of Zonal’s liveRES Tables or existing users looking to get more out of their current table management system.

What should you bring with you

You will need a mobile device or laptop to run liveRES Tables, as well as historical bookings in an easy-to-read format.

What you will learn

System Administration (for Managers)

How to edit trading hours, turn times to maximise covers during busy periods, and table joins to accommodate guests and availability of tables. You will also learn how to put best practise controls in place to ensure that liveRES Tables is being used as efficiently as possible.

EPoS integration (if applicable)

How to seat walk-in guests to assigned or unassigned tables, view and change the booking status, view what meal stage the guest is at, check the guest bill and how to mark a customer as finished.


How to add a reservation, add a booking for a specific date and timeslot, add booking notes to a reservation and mark a booking as a no-show or cancelled. We will also coach you on how to migrate across old bookings onto your new liveRES Tables system.


How to add and manage waitlists effectively, how to view the countdown of when a table is available and ensure customers are kept informed during busy periods.

Seating guests

How to seat guests on arrival, move, merge and put guests into a holding area if they arrive early and track the stages of their visit.

Capacity management

How to manage and optimise capacity, using the ‘shuffle’ and ‘suggest’ functions allowing you to shuffle your bookings to accommodate extra bookings during busy periods.

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