Strategic Partner - Bums on Seats

Bums on Seats are hospitality sales and strategic business development experts. They grow your revenue and build business resilience.

How Bums on Seats support hospitality businesses

Bums on Seats are a team of highly experienced sales and marketing experts passionate about identifying sales opportunities, driving organic growth, and increasing your customer loyalty for hospitality operators UK wide.

They offer strategic sales audits, industry leading sales training, sales planning, consultancy, and white label sales teams to pubs, restaurants and bars.

Identify new sales opportunities and routes to market for organic growth.

Drive repeat business and customer loyalty.

Increase pre-booked sales revenue and ‘bums on seats’.​


We identify and analyse the areas of your business operation with the greatest opportunity for sales growth. Don’t throw stuff at the wall and hope it sticks, base decisions on what works.


We write and develop a Sales Plan that is specific – and targeted – to your business’ needs to drive profitable ‘bums on seats’. Without a plan, does anything happen?

Activate and Deliver

Our Guest Experience Team are an energetic, ambitious and friendly team who have all worked in operations and have been trained the ‘Bums way’ to understand how to build long term relationships with your customers. They are tech savvy, passionate about hospitality and committed.


The M.I.R.A.C.L.E. Sale is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. It’s an industry-leading sales and business development workshop that all levels of  your operation will benefit from receiving. Sales, marketing and operations will complete the workshop feeling confident and motivated.

Adding real value to your business

“The Bums on Seats M.I.R.A.C.L.E training is the ideal way to get your team geared up and ready to deliver at the top of their game.  This year has been particularly tough for hospitality and the course with Bums on Seats was the best way to bring everyone back and focus in on the unique selling points that truly make the difference!  It has galvanised the team to focus on a positive and unique approach to each reservation request. No matter the current situation, spending the time with Bums is an investment and it has given us a new perspective to reach out to customers and get more bums on seats”
Jennifer Jackson, Retail Sales & Marketing Manager, BrewDog
“Amber and her team brought a real focus and energy to helping us with solving our sales challenges. They literally get you ‘bums on seats’. Highly professional and completely sales focussed.

A great team that brought energy and passion to growing our sales.”

Mark Jones, Managing Director, Carluccio’s

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