Fully integrated self-service kiosks for hospitality

Available through select hardware partners, Zonal’s tech infrastructure supports self-service kiosks, helping hospitality venues to reduce queues, speed up ordering times, improve efficiency and increase average order values through quick and easy self-ordering journeys.

Key hospitality kiosk features

Centrally managed product data

With a tight integration to Zonal’s EPoS and wider technology infrastructure, you can manage your products, pricing and digital menus centrally before deploying seamlessly to the kiosks and other channels.

Unified ordering journeys

Utilising your existing product configuration, product ordering journeys are the same as on your other ordering channels, ensuring guests have a consistent and accessible experience regardless of how they’re ordering.

Flexible menu deployment

Different menus can be applied dependent on time, trading area or location, providing you with greater flexibility to manage your operations how you’d like to.

Built for omnichannel operations

Orders are seamlessly pushed to Zonal’s EPoS, flagged as kiosk orders, and distributed to the relevant location for fulfilment, all with no additional input from your team.

Robust reporting capability

Data from our kiosk ordering solution is seamlessly collated with our wider reporting suite, providing you with accurate data for easy comparison, including stock depletion to maintain a single source of truth.

Seamlessly integrated with our wider tech ecosystem

Further enhance the ordering journey with additional modules such as Loyalty or Voucher Manager. Zonal’s ordering infrastructure facilitates easy management of your ordering channels, enabling you to easily set items to out of stock, snooze items or limit menus.

Increase average order values, improve staff efficiency, and speed up service

Whether you’re looking to help your teams achieve more or provide a convenient experience for customers, fully integrated self-service kiosks are a flexible solution that will set your business apart.

Reduce queues and save staff time

Provide your customers with a convenient, easy-to-use in-venue ordering channel. With integrated payment devices and no re-keying required, self-service kiosks can provide your team with significant time savings to focus more on fulfilment, and guests spend less time queueing to place an order.

Increase average order values to boost revenue

With customisable, per-product ordering journeys, self-service ordering kiosks provide additional opportunities to upsell extras –  shown to increase average order values by as much as 20-30%.

Improve customer experiences

With just over 40% of guests now preferring to place an order for food and drink digitally rather than with a server, you can ensure you’re meeting the demands of increasingly digitally-native consumers.

Self-ordering kiosks allow your customers to easily browse your menu, make any changes they may want to their order, and place their orders quickly and easily. And with full-integration to our EPoS sending their order automatically through to the bar or kitchen for fulfilment, mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Fully-integrated for ease of implementation and operation

Kiosk ordering is seamlessly supported by our EPoS and wider technology infrastructure, meaning implementing kiosks into your venue won’t cause a massive operational headache for you and your team.

Your digital menus can be managed from one central location, and any updates published automatically across all of your ordering channels, so your team won’t need to always be updating multiple systems, and customers will always have real-time product availability at their fingertips.

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Our full range of connected hospitality technologies includes EPoS, inventory and order, reservations, table management, kitchen management, mobile/web order and pay apps, click and collect, property management, loyalty schemes, gift cards, business intelligence and over 200 integrations with 3rd party providers. Our solutions are all fully integrated with our EPoS, so spend data, visit frequency and stock availability is shared seamlessly between systems. The valuable insight this provides enables you to keep tight control over cash flow, make significant operational efficiencies and deliver a first-class customer experience.

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