EPoS for any size restaurant

No matter your size, multi-national casual dining chain or small high-class one-off bistro, our restaurant EPoS systems are designed to meet the needs of any restaurant operation.

Front-of-house management

Giving you an overview of your entire business, Zonal’s EPoS system for restaurants allows you to centrally manage your operations, giving you tighter control over your business. Zonal’s restaurant EPoS is optimised to increase speed of service with minimal button presses, keeping the queues at the bar to a minimum. No matter the size of your restaurant and growth plans, Zonal’s fully featured restaurant EPoS software is one you will never outgrow.

  • Overview of your entire business
  • Manage everything from one place
  • Quick ordering functions keeping your customers happy
  • An EPoS solution that scales with your business

Fast tableside ordering

Whether your customers are seated at a table, the bar or on the outside terrace, Zonal’s handheld ordering solution offers a cost-effective and reliable replacement to the traditional order pad. Designed to help staff relay orders to the kitchen faster and more accurately, Zonal’s handheld solution leaves your team more time to focus on providing excellent customer service whilst upselling high margin menu items.

  • Take orders from anywhere in your venue
  • Assign orders to seats or tables
  • Accessible without Wi-Fi

This is Zonal handheld ordering solution

Restaurant inventory management

We know that managing your inventory is just as important as your front-of-house operations. Zonal’s stock module helps you manage and optimise your usage, calculate portion size and recipe ingredients enabling you to reduce stock holdings and increase your margins. Keep your staff informed with alerts for low inventory food items to maintain customers’ expectations and avoid losing sales at busy periods.

  • Real-time reporting on stock levels
  • Optimise your stock usage
  • Reduce waste output
  • Calculate portion size

Staff management and scheduling

Zonal’s EPoS software for restaurants makes it easier than ever to manage employees, schedule restaurant staff, measure performance and monitor targets.  Zonal’s Time and Attendance module includes a built-in reporting tool allowing you to view reports for days, weeks or any specific period.

  • Ease the burden of managing restaurant staff
  • Measure staff performance
  • Track labour costs

This is Zonal's business analytics and reporting solution

Run reports from anywhere

Get unrestricted access to all your data and reports from any device. Zonal’s reporting module provides you with a better understanding of food promotions and discounts that are working successfully, sales made by each employee, and customers loyalty transactions. Harness your data with our built-in automation tool that can distribute reports via email or static web pages to ensure your team don’t miss out.

  • Drive business decisions with data
  • Stay in the know at any location
  • Automatic reports keep your staff in the know

Tailored around your individual requirements, our EPoS solutions are purpose built for any restaurant environment. Zonal’s EPoS system can enhance the operation of any restaurant business, improve customer dining experiences and keep your business running to maximum efficiency.

Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting large chains and small independents alike.

This is the Pizza Express logo
“We were impressed with Zonal’s knowledge of the restaurant sector and the need to provide flexible systems that enhance the customer journey from booking a table, to taking an order and settling a bill”
Siobhan Fagan, IT Director, Pizza Express
  • This is Pizza Express logo, a Zonal client
  • This is Brasserie Blanc logo
  • This is Bistrot Pierre logo
  • This is Butcher & Catch logo

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