Speedy and reliable payments

With customers demanding faster service – and in particular a quicker finish to their meal – payment has become a crucial part of the customer journey. Research shows that your customers’ time is the most precious commodity of all, which means they expect a fast and reliable payment solution.

Zonal’s card payment system (ZCPS) allows you to take payments at the table and at any point-of-sale. It simplifies the payment process, quickly and efficiently enabling you to turn tables faster, streamline your processes, reduce operating costs, and maximise your revenue potential.

Pay at Table

With advanced roaming capabilities, Pay at Table functionality enables you to close off a table and complete payment on one device. Staff save time by picking up an account for payment without needing to return to the POS terminal.

Zonal’s card payment technology enables you to print a bill, take part payment, add a gratuity, and print EFT slips and payment receipts at the table via the payment device. Once the account balance is paid in full the account is closed automatically on the EPoS terminal.

Provide a better customer experience

Almost a fifth of consumers state not being able to pay their bill quickly as their biggest frustration when going out for a meal. Zonal’s integrated payment system allows you to take payments quickly, securely, and efficiently at the table, ensuring your customers never leave your venue with a bad taste in their mouth!

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EPoS integration

Fully integrated with Zonal’s EPoS system, our card payment system eliminates the need to re-key amounts, providing an overall quicker processing time.

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Improved cash handling

Zonal’s integrated payment technology guarantees accurate payments by reducing errors in rekeying payment amounts. Fully automated and with integrated payments, it enables reconciliation to be easily completed safely and securely, reducing human error and saving time by manually cross-checking figures and reports.

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Security you can trust

Zonal’s card payment technology is fully PCI compliant, giving you peace of mind in the security of the data. You benefit from a comprehensive system that verifies all transactions, with alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting small independents and large chains alike.

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“Using contactless payment is a great way to reduce queues and improve speed of service and we are seeing a growth in demand for automated payments. For example, almost half of the 12,219 cashless transactions during our three World Rugby Cup fixtures, were contactless.”
Claire Appleby, Commercial Manager,
Newcastle United FC
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“Previously, we couldn’t even take card payments, but, being a top-flight sporting venue our customers were rightly demanding a speedier, better experience and now we are on trend.
Jason Hollingworth, General Manager of Catering, Trent Bridge
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Integrated payment system works well with

Mobile Order and Pay

Keep staff and customers safe and COVID-compliant by empowering guests to take the ordering and payment process into their own hands. Available exclusively to Zonal EPoS customers, this fully customisable solution is deployed quickly and simply via your website.

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