Recipe Builder

Are you seeing inconsistency in standards? The recipe management system allows you to define portion sizes to ensure consistency in the content, quality and cost of each dish. The solution enables you to define your costs and set prices to ensure that you maintain margins. Quality is maintained with chef cheat sheets, prep cards and full recipe cards including step-by-step photos, printable or viewable on every device.

Menu Analysis and Composition

The system doesn’t just make the changes. It also enables you to model their knock-on effects. Its analysis tools enable you to see the difference even the smallest price change will make to the overall profitability of your menu and identify whether you can absorb that change or if you will need to adjust your prices.

Data Management

To avoid struggling to maintain accurate price and menu changes; ingredient, price, nutrition, yield and allergen information can be uploaded directly from your supplier via a CSV import. This data can be published and viewed on your computer or mobile device. What’s more, because this is an integrated system, a change in the cost of an item from a supplier will automatically update the costs across the platform.

Allergen Management

Managing the risk of allergens in your venues isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s a legal requirement too. The good news is that Zonal’s Menu Management solution can make it much easier to control, manage and inform your customers of any allergens. When creating recipes each ingredient has the relevant allergen information associated, meaning the final version of each recipe has details of any potential allergens listed. Recipe cards also include lists of ingredients and allergens and even photographs to help ensure consistency of presentation and customer safety when it comes to potential allergic reactions.

By using the Menu Management system you’re centralising your entire recipe database. This means you can automatically maintain accurate ingredient, allergen and cost information across every single item you offer in every single venue.

Not only that, but you’re also getting the many other benefits of Menu Management too:

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Better accuracy
  • Effortless updating
  • Seamless integration with Zonal’s EPoS, Stocks and Purchase & Pay

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Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting large chains and small independents alike.

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“The solution has been an integral part of operating our business in controlling stock levels and maintaining margins.”
Guiseppe Di Liberto, Operations Director, Cocotte

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Mobile Order and Pay

Keep staff and customers safe and COVID-compliant by empowering guests to take the ordering and payment process into their own hands. Available exclusively to Zonal EPoS customers, this fully customisable solution is deployed quickly and simply via your website.

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