Trusted by more than 16,000 hospitality and leisure businesses nationwide, Zonal’s market-leading EPoS system is built to be an essential part of any hospitality business. Designed to fit the demanding and diverse requirements of the industry, our EPoS provides you with complete operational control, helping you to increase speed of service, maximise efficiency and deliver vital business insights.

We understand that every business is different, and as such our EPoS system is tailored around your unique requirements. So, whether you run a single coffee shop to a national restaurant chain, our EPoS can be as small or as big as you want it to be – and because it is scalable, it can grow as your business and ambitions grow.

Depending on your requirements, our EPoS solutions are available as a software-only solution or complete with hardware. This allows businesses who have already invested in their existing systems to retain their hardware, while benefiting from Zonal’s full EPoS functionality. We offer a range of hardware which combines stylish features with smart functionality to allow your operations staff to work easily and efficiently. Zonal’s card payment system (ZCPS) also allows you to take payments at the table and at any point-of-sale. In addition, we also offer handheld terminals providing a slick user experience, allowing your staff to process orders faster and turn tables quicker, reducing staff visits to the bar or kitchen. We provide EPoS to a variety of businesses – pubs & bars, restaurants, hotels and more.

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Built and designed specifically for the UK hospitality industry, Zonal’s EPoS system comes with a collection of nine robust business modules:

Complete cash control

Zonal’s EPoS Finance module provides a complete cash management solution delivering detailed reports on all cash movements, helping you to assess your business performance over configurable periods. Record daily cash movements, produce hard-copy cash declarations and report on a variety of key business performance areas, eliminating the need for manual intervention and spreadsheets. Through our third-party integrations, finance data can easily be exported into your own accounting system ensuring data is only entered once at site level.

Complex menus made simple

Create and maintain all your products in our built-in Product module. Key features include recipe creation, purchase information, product choice and instructions. Complex products with multiple portions/ingredients can be simply added and used across the EPoS system for ordering, deliveries, stock auditing and sales.

Order choices including default, inclusive and upselling items can also be added providing flexibility in ordering at the point-of-sale.

Pricing with flexibility

Our Pricing module creates your estate’s standard tariff pricing structures – each site can have its own unique pricing band, or can be allocated multiple price bands. The pricing module holds all your selling prices and can easily be exported to Excel and imported back to enable quick price updates. Future-dated prices are quick and simple to set up, eliminating the pressure for last-minute, time-sensitive manual changes.

Stock management made easy

Our Stock module replaces guesswork with reliable data to ensure that not only do you not order too much, but that you don’t run out of anything important either. The Stock module is easy to use, but it’s also one of the most powerful stock management systems around. It has multiple stock threads including wet, food and retail goods, it supports multiple stock locations for vastly improved accuracy and it enables you to record wastage by individual or by prepared items.

To help the ease of stock management we also offer two integrated applications, Purchase to Pay and Mobile Stocks. Purchase to Pay is an intuitive end-to-end online purchasing management system that integrates fully with our EPoS system. Allowing you to count stock on the go, Mobile Stocks makes stock counting easier, more efficient and accurate from a mobile device, easily facilitating counting by location, all tightly integrated with the EPoS stock module.

This is Zonal's Acquire product
This is Zonal's business analytics and reporting solution

Insightful reporting

Zonal’s sophisticated reporting and analytics module Dimensions comes with more than 200 reports covering all elements of your EPoS data, ranging from a complete audit trail to year-on-year sales comparison. Overcome obstacles, identify bottlenecks, and maximise your revenues across individual or multiple sites.

Forget making business decisions based on out-of-date data – our reporting tools give you access to real-time business information, allowing you to make the right business decisions at the right time.

Design it your way

Control the design and layout of your EPoS system with our theme modelling module. Maintaining a small or large estate becomes an easy task with shared panels, panel variations and timed changes. Menu planning, seasonal changes and special events can all be configured in advance, ensuring every site has the correct items at the right time.

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Promotions made easy

Create simple or complex promotions in our built-in promotions module. Promotions can be set up and created in minutes for a single site or entire estate, allowing local creation of promotions. The module enables you to plan ahead and set up future promotions with scheduled go-live dates.

Deposits and advance payments

Take advantage of advance booking deposits through the EPoS terminal with our Booking module. Capture booking details, type of deposit and take money before the function. Detailed information on deposits is contained within the Dimensions reporting module allowing for full traceability of all deposits taken, redeemed or outstanding.

This is Zonal's card payment device

Efficient rota planning

Our EPoS Time and Attendance (T&A) module increases the efficiency of your business by easing the burden of managing staff rotas. Benefits include being able to easily define role types, manage staff information, create weekly staff rotas, and set and monitor targets for employees. The built-in reporting tool allows you to view reports for days, weeks or any specified period.

Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting large chains and small independents alike.

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“Adopting an EPoS solution that is geared for the hospitality sector has been a revelation, giving us significantly improved levels of control, flexibility and data capture that was not previously accessible.”
The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
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“From installation to training and on-going customer care we have never looked back. To date, Aztec has been completely reliable and doesn’t fall down, which is such a comfort when managing peak holiday periods where we can serve up to 3,000 portions of seafood and fish & chips in a single day!”
Mat Prowse, Partner, Rockfish
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“We were impressed with the intuitive nature of Zonal’s EPoS and could see that it had the potential to offer us the insight we needed, so worked with the team to upgrade the Aztec EPoS solution and get the support that we required to optimise its functionality”
Billy Harley, Owner, Uig Hotel
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