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The most powerful hospitality EPoS system for UK businesses

Get complete operational control over every aspect of your business by putting insight at the heart of everything you do. Discover how Zonal’s hospitality EPoS system can help streamline your operations, maximise your revenue and reduce your costs, giving you the freedom to do what matters – delivering the best possible experience for your guests.


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Why Zonal is the best hospitality EPoS provider for businesses of all sizes

The best value

“We are already reaping the financial rewards of our investment with 2% increase on wet margin, tighter stock controls and costings and improved staff scheduling.”

James Nye, Managing Director, Anglian Country Inns

The best support

“The support and service has been nothing short of exceptional. Although we are a smaller group than other clients of Zonal’s, we have never been made to feel any less important”

Alison Lynch, Systems and Procurement Manager, Incipio Group

The best reporting

“The level of detailed data we are able to access through Aztec is second to none. We have been able to drill down and identify everything from mistakes being made by staff, that when added up are costing the business, to the success (or not) of promotions.”

 Joe Cussens, Managing Director, Bath Pub Company

The most reliable

“To date, Zonal’s EPoS has been completely reliable and doesn’t fall down, which is such a comfort when managing peak holiday periods where we can serve up to 3,000 portions of seafood and fish & chips in a single day!”

Mat Prowse, Partner, Rockfish

A feature-rich and scalable hospitality EPoS system providing you with complete control


Manage your entire product offering in one place. Complex products ranges with multiple portions and ingredients can be simply added and used across the EPoS system for ordering, deliveries, stock control and sales.


Gain total control over your pricing, either through a standard pricing structure for your entire estate, or with individual or multiple price bands for specific venues or areas. Save time by easily updating price changes, either in advance for automatic application or in bulk via importing changes.


Create bespoke promotional activities, no matter how simple or complex, whether it’s at an individual site level or across your entire estate. Sales data can then be fed into your marketing system, enabling you to monitor the results of each promotion.


Zonal EPoS offers a complete cash management and reporting solution that delivers real-time visibility of all transactions to help you assess your business performance, with tight integrations to a wide range of third-party accounting packages.


Reduce your holdings, minimise wastage, and cut costs. Our fully-integrated, comprehensive stock management solution comes as standard with Zonal’s EPoS, and is one of the most powerful stock management solutions available.


Overcome obstacles, identify bottlenecks and maximise your revenue with help from a robust suite of over 200 reports. Whether it’s on a per-site basis, or across your entire estate, get instant, detailed insights to help you make smarter business decisions.


Speed up service and streamline operations with customisable themes and designs, ensuring the right information is always available at the POS. Deliver menu planning, seasonal changes and special events by creating them in advance and scheduling their deployment.

Time & Attendance

Cut down on admin and better manage your team with an in-built staff management that lets you manage staff information, monitor payroll or even just create and share weekly rotas. You can also set sales targets and monitor performance, helping you to get the very best from your people.


Accept deposits at the time of booking to mitigate the financial impact of no-shows, and accurately track them in the POS. Create multiple configurations to capture booking details alongside the type of deposit, and easily gain a full view of taken, redeemed and outstanding deposits.

Case Study: Watch why Rockfish use Zonal's Hospitality EPoS

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“Zonal has played its part in our growth and our success of the business, because it has really helped us deliver. It’s been a really solid platform to work with”

Zonal provides a robust and reliable suite of solutions to help the team at Rockfish manage every aspect of their business – both front-of-house and operationally. In particular, Rockfish have benefitted from data capture and reporting functionality, providing them with detailed oversight of a number of areas within the business, such as stock levels and sales reports, enabling them to fine-tune their business.

Quality hospitality EPoS hardware that’s built to last

Our range of hardware combines stylish features with smart functionality to allow your operations staff to work easily and efficiently.

Discover how our hospitality EPoS system can deliver success for your business

Available as both a software-only solution to enable you to make the most of your existing hardware, or complete with our own purpose-built hardware, our EPoS solution is flexible enough for use in any hospitality venue, whether it’s a pub, bar or restaurant. Zonal’s hospitality EPoS system comes with a full complement of functionality as standard, meaning no hidden costs, just great functionality – available from day one.

Products Image

One central location to manage your products

Our EPoS includes a comprehensive product management solution that gives you complete control over your offering, allowing you to create and maintain your products with features including recipe creation, purchase information, product choice and instructions. Order choices including default, inclusive and upselling items can also be added, providing flexible ordering for your customers. All information is shared seamlessly throughout our EPoS, eliminating unnecessary data duplication and providing real-time data wherever it’s needed.

  • Quick and simple interface
  • Create multiple product types including recipes, choices, prepared items and instructions
  • Multi-user support
  • Future-dated ingredients and cost prices

Manage pricing across your entire estate

Zonal’s hospitality EPoS system takes the headache out of keeping your pricing up-to-date. It’s simple to set up future price changes by pounds or percentage and apply them automatically, eliminating the need for last-minute manual changes. You can also export your entire price matrix, edit it in Excel and import it easily back in, saving you time and enabling you to make even extensive changes quickly and effectively.

  • Create your estate’s standard tariff pricing structures – each site can have its own unique pricing band, or can be allocated multiple price bands on a per-site basis
  • Update and set pricing across individual or multiple sites at once
  • Export/import functionality can yield significant time savings
  • Enable off-band pricing for even further control

Pricing Image
Promotions Image

Promotions made easy

Drive footfall and revenue with a simple, yet comprehensive, promotion creation tool. With a flexible range of rules and configuration options, you can create either simple promotions at an individual site level, or complex promotions across your entire estate in a matter of minutes. Performance data can then be easily fed into your marketing system, enabling you to monitor how each promotion has performed, and build a greater understanding of what your customers like.

  • Create timed, BOGOF, multi-buy and special event promotions easily
  • Automatic or manual activation to make managing promotions as simple as possible
  • Convenient setup wizard
  • Can be created at both a head office and site level

Complete cash control

Zonal’s EPoS includes a complete cash management solution, delivering detailed reports on all cash movements and helping you to assess your business performance over configurable periods. Through our third-party integrations, finance data can be easily exported into your own accounting system, ensuring data is only entered once at site-level.

  • Streamline everyday tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention
  • Produce hard-copy cash declarations and reports on a variety of key business functions
  • Extensive configuration options lets you manage multiple brands within an estate
  • Perform counts for all repositories: safes, floats, money belts and ATMs

Complete Cash Control Image
This is Zonal's Acquire product

A comprehensive stock management solution - included as standard

Replace guesswork with accurate, reliable data to ensure that not only are you ordering the correct amount of stock, but that you don’t run out of anything important either. Our stock management solution is one of the most functionally complete solutions around, always offering you an accurate, real-time view of your inventory. With comprehensive reporting and a two-tier hierarchy stock count on each product, our stock solution is an invaluable tool for any operator looking to cut costs and minimise wastage.

  • Multiple stock threads including food, wet, merchandise and retail goods
  • Two-tier hierarchy stock count on each product enabling internal and external audits
  • Ability to create multiple stock locations for greater accuracy
  • Record wastage by individual or prepared items

The core stock module can be extended with purchase-to-pay and menu management to simplify your procurement process and menu planning.

A detailed reporting suite for actionable insights

With over 200 reports available, our reporting suite provides you and your team with insights covering all of the data your EPoS collects, ranging from a complete audit trail to year-on-year sales comparisons. With reliable, always up-to-date data, decision-making based on outdated information becomes a thing of the past, letting you identify any revenue maximising or cost saving opportunities, which is incredibly important in today’s trading climate.

  • Drill-down functionality for further analysis
  • Personalised custom reports and graphs
  • Flexible reporting on all business data
  • Easy to set up and use

This is Zonal's business analytics and reporting solution
This is a Zonal till

Create custom styles and layouts to suit your needs

Streamlining your POS can make a huge difference in any venue, reducing wait times and speeding up service, as well as providing your staff with the information they need to effectively serve your guests. With Zonal’s hospitality EPoS system, you have control over every aspect of the POS theme, allowing you to make the system work exactly how you’d like it to.

  • Deliver menu planning, seasonal changes and special events by creating them in advance and scheduling deployment to individual sites or across your entire estate
  • Personalise POS designs including buttons, colours, sizes and security
  • Reduce the amount of input required on the POS, speeding up service
  • Make service faster and more accurate

Manage staff more efficiently

Ease the burden of managing staff rotas with built-in staff management functionality. With easily definable role types, weekly staff rota creation, and the ability to set and monitor targets for employees. What’s more, with tight integrations with industry standard payroll packages and extensive automation capabilities, our hospitality EPoS system can help you focus more on helping your team to achieve more rather than spending unnecessary amounts of time on admin.

  • Cut down on duplicate data entry
  • Save time by automating manual tasks
  • Seamlessly links to existing payroll packages
  • Easily track staff timings and attendance

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This is Zonal's card payment device

Take deposits to help reduce no-shows

With cost savings and revenue protection front-of-mind for many operators in today’s trading environment, in-built functionality to collect advance booking deposits via your hospitality EPoS system can offer you a simple way to mitigate the financial risk of no-shows, without any of the associated operational headache. Detailed information on deposits can be reported on, allowing for full traceability of all deposits taken, redeemed or outstanding.

  • Set multiple configurations to capture booking details along with the type of deposit – such as a Christmas party or private function
  • Deposits taken are automatically added to the session and included in the normal finance process
  • Enable full or partial redemptions

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No other provider has the wealth of industry knowledge and experience we’ve gained since 1979 in the hospitality sector. No other tech partner has a system that’s as powerful, flexible and customisable. And no other provider can make it easier for you to do what you do best: deliver great customer experiences and run profitable venues. Our award-winning UK-based training, project management and account management teams will support you every step of the way, and our dedicated support centre based in Edinburgh is available 8am-12am, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Zonal's complete hospitality tech stack

Our full range of connected hospitality technologies includes EPoS, inventory and order, reservations, table management, kitchen management, mobile/web order and pay apps, click and collect, property management, loyalty schemes, gift cards, business intelligence and over 200 integrations with 3rd party providers. Our solutions are all fully integrated with our EPoS, so spend data, visit frequency and stock availability is shared seamlessly between systems. The valuable insight this provides enables you to keep tight control over cash flow, make significant operational efficiencies and deliver a first-class customer experience.

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