We understand that businesses often wish to gain a greater understanding of their purchasing and stock levels and streamline their stock counting process. Zonal’s inventory and order solutions can help you do just that. For an additional monthly cost, we offer an end-to-end purchasing management solution as well as a Mobile Stocks application to complement the Stock module that comes as standard with Zonal’s EPoS system. Gain tighter control, real-time visibility and increased ordering efficiency with our additional inventory and order solutions.

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Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting small independents and large chains alike.

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“Before liveRES, it was just pen and paper and pot luck really. One of the main advantages is the pressure that’s gone off the kitchen – plus we don’t have to worry about people double-booking a table anymore!”
Carolyn Jordan, General Manager, Jolly Farmers, McMullen
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“Zonal’s fully integrated solution gave us the opportunity to ensure the journey via the phone booking system was as slick and customer friendly as possible. We have seen an increase in bookings already through the IVR and website, and will continue to work to optimise that further.”
Siobhan Fagan, IT Director, Pizza Express
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Using liveRES meant we could open with confidence, knowing that we had full control over volume and flow of bookings. We could protect ourselves from any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking, which in turn led to a totally successful launch.”
Adam Pierce, Founder, Butcher & Catch
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Click & Collect

Find out how PizzaExpress successfully deployed Click & Collect across their business, as well as how to develop your own Click & Collect sales channel to drive additional revenue with our on-demand webinar.

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