All-in-one hospitality reservation and table management system

Increase yield, generate more revenue, reduce pressure on staff and deliver a first-class experience at every stage of the customer journey with our Zonal Bookings platform. Centralise and manage all your reservations activity including enquiries, real-time table bookings, events and parties, table management, guest communications, pre-orders, deposits and payments.


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Key features of Zonal Bookings

Seamless online booking journey

Get a customisable online booking widget and a suite of email communications, meaning your customers only ever see your name, logos, and branding.

Real-time availability

Centralise all your bookings, managing wait lists, walk-ins and online bookings in real-time, with simple table redistribution during busy periods.

Table Management System

Work with a visual guest seating plan or traditional diary view, with estimated table session time based on group size and meal stage.

Commission free

No hidden charges or large bills – pay a flat predictable monthly fee with no added commission for each booking you receive.

Bookable areas

Designate bookable areas, allowing your guests to choose where they’d like to be seated within your venue.

Send reminders

Send guests automated timely communications, from reconfirming their booking to a reminder just before their visit. Guests can cancel or amend their bookings.

Occasion booking

Allow large groups to book and pay in advance, pre-select their meals and drinks, and buy any additional packages/addons. Track communications via an online guest portal.

Additional booking channels

Optional – Take automated reservations by phone, on your google listing, or on your social media channels that feed into your central reservations system.

What our customers say about Zonal Bookings

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“Using Zonal Bookings meant we could open with confidence, knowing that we had full control over volume and flow of bookings. We could protect ourselves from any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking, which in turn led to a totally successful launch.”
Adam Pearce, Co-founder, Butcher & Catch
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“Having a table management system allows us to plan and turnover tables more effectively, so we can offer customers the very best experience whilst maximising the number of covers we do each day”
Arpita Anstey, Marketing Director, Bistrot Pierre
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“Before Zonal Bookings, it was just pen and paper and pot luck really. One of the main advantages is the pressure that’s gone off the kitchen – plus we don’t have to worry about people double-booking a table anymore!”
Carolyn Jordan, General Manager, Jolly Farmers, McMullen
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Discover why Butcher & Catch chose Zonal Bookings

Located in a low-traffic spot, destination restaurant Butcher & Catch were looking for a reservations system to help them manage and control the flow of bookings, as well as providing live availability to eliminate the potential for overbookings.

The Butcher & Catch team chose Zonal Bookings as the platform to help them achieve this, and have benefitted from an all-in-one booking and table management solution, fully-integrated with their EPoS, providing the restaurant with greater control over their capacity, and allowing customers to book with confidence.

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Maximise your profit

Ensure you’re making the most out of your revenue and boost profitability. Zonal Bookings comes with a whole suite of features that are designed to maximise your profits and boost how many covers you can serve through operational efficiencies. 

Commission-free, with no hidden charges or large bills

Only pay a flat predictable monthly fee with no commission to pay for each booking – which means no unexpected costs at the end of each month, no matter how busy you are.

Maximise covers with real-time in-session view

Complete in-session visibility of every stage of your guests’ dining experience makes it easy to manage waiting lists and walk-ins. From seeing who has just ordered starters to those who are ready to pay their bill, you have full control and flexibility to open-up tables for rebooking at the earliest opportunity to ensure tables aren’t sat empty for long. You can even analyse average table times depending on group sizes – helping you to remove some of the guesswork during planning.

Table redistribution

One of the biggest benefits is mid-session flexibility, giving you the option to redistribute your pre-assigned tables during busy periods, allowing you to maximise covers and optimise yield and profitability.

Reduce no-shows with reminders

No-shows account for up to 20% of restaurant bookings – cut down on unfulfilled bookings by sending guests automated timely communications, from reconfirming their booking to a reminder email or SMS just before their visit. You can also allow guests to cancel or amend their bookings, enabling you to rebook the table as early as possible or reorganise your staffing as required.

Operate more efficiently with powerful insights and analytics

All bookings data gathered can be exported and analysed, enabling you to make informed decisions around areas such as stock control and staff planning, helping you to operate with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness whilst not compromising on standards.

Optional Extra

Add automated phone bookings

On average, 65% of calls to hospitality venues go unanswered. That’s a huge amount of revenue that’s being missed – and a massive amount of business that’s going into the pockets of your competitors instead. Never miss out on bookings by letting an intelligent automated telephone booking system capture the booking information and immediately add the essential details to your central reservations system.

Optional Extra

Add automated bookings from Google, Facebook, and Instagram

With UK adults spending an average of 3.5 hours a day online, the beginning of your customers’ journey with your hospitality business, for most, will start online on one of the three most influential platforms; Google, Facebook, or Instagram. Reserve with Google, Facebook, and Instagram from Mozrest enables you to add a simple “book now” button to your business listings and profiles, with availability searches and bookings made in real time – helping you access new customers and boost your online bookings.

Book with google
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Improve customer experience

Give your customers peace of mind and strengthen your customers’ relationship with your brand. From a seamless booking journey from start to finish, to ensuring bookings are offered at optimal times, Zonal Bookings enables you to provide your customers with a consistently great experience.

Booking with confidence

Table availability and capacity are fed directly from your central reservations diary in real-time to the booking widget, giving you and your guests complete confidence that the booking can be accommodated.

Branded booking experience

70% of UK adults prefer to use a restaurant’s own-branded website or app. Zonal’s online booking widget is customisable, so your customers only ever see your name, logos, and branding – and never any confusing third-party branding. It gives all your customers a seamless booking experience, no matter how they choose to make their booking, strengthening the relationship you have with your customers and increasing loyalty to your brand.

Complete control over your capacity

You can reduce the number of online bookable tables at your busiest times, enabling you to push online bookers to quieter times and maintain a steady flow of customers throughout service. This allows for a more consistent service and a better experience for both your customers and your staff.

Mobile-friendly booking pages

Our bookings website and guest portals are fully mobile responsive, allowing your customers to book online on any device at any time of night or day, ensuring you never miss out on a booking.

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Cater for large groups and events with ease

Zonal Bookings’ party and events enquiry management features allow your customers to pre-book and pay in advance, pre-select their meals and drinks, and buy any additional packages. Get complete visibility and control of your event bookings at all times – regardless of whether you operate one venue or a multi-site estate.

Develop dedicated menus, packages, and optional extras to upsell

Big events call for big celebrations, so take advantage to upsell extras such as drinks bundles, birthday cakes, special cocktail menus, or whatever else you fancy!

Easily view and amend bookings

Our guest portal ensures everything from event creation through to enquiry handling, managing pre-orders, and communication is handled efficiently. We know that large bookings often change, as people are either added or drop out of the event and requirements are modified. The portal makes it easy for your customers to access their booking details and update their event information. No more scribbled notes in the diary or looking back through email chains – all the enquiry or booking information and guest communications are stored in one convenient place.

Take pre-orders

Enable guests to pre-select their meals and drinks so you have plenty of time to check you have enough stock to meet all orders for the event and provide an easier flow of orders into your kitchen, as well as giving customers peace of mind that their choice will be available on the day.

Pre-payment: Take deposits and calculate balances

Customers can pay in advance for their food and drinks, and you can easily track any outstanding balance. You can also set reminders to request part or full payments, with automated payment requests sent on predetermined dates.

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Features and packages

Bookings Features Table
Bookings through your website
Bookings, table management and group bookings
What is included?
EPoS-integrated online bookings
Online bookings + table management + group bookings
Online Bookings
White label booking widget for your website with real-time availability
Automated booking reminders by email
Automated booking reminders by SMS (SMS fees apply)
Deposit management
EPoS integration
Table Management
Work with table plan or traditional diary view
Manage wait lists, walk-ins and online bookings in real-time
Send wait list alerts by SMS directly from the application (SMS fees apply)
Dynamically maximise availability with capacity and demand
View in-session meal stages using live EPOS data
See next available table based on group size & meal stage
Access guest booking history and loyalty membership front of house
In-session alerts for team members based on real-time service data
Work in offline mode as a backup
Group Bookings
Take pre-orders
Take pre-payment
Sell packages / addons
Bookable areas
Optional Extras
Bookings by phone
Central reservations
Take reservations from google or social media

* There are zero per-booking commission fees. Setup fees apply.

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