This is Zonal's online takeaway ordering system

Give customers the convenience they want

Today’s customers expect hospitality venues to offer a wide range of ordering options. In addition to food delivery, click and collect is a growing trend. Available to Zonal EPoS customers exclusively, Zonal’s integrated online takeaway ordering system, gives customers more choice and greater flexibility, without compromising the control you have over your kitchen and operations.

Responsive web application

Zonal’s Click & Collect technology is a fully responsive web application, optimising the user journey no matter what device your customers are using to place their order.

White-labelled for a better booking experience

Zonal’s Click & Collect system can be fully customised with your brand and logos. This gives customers a seamless ordering experience at all times, with no confusing third-party logos or messaging. Instead, customers know that they’re only interacting with you, giving them complete confidence while placing their order.

Full EPoS integration

Our Click & Collect platform is fully integrated with Zonal’s suite of technology solutions. This means critical data is shared between systems, giving you greater operational efficiency. For example, stock levels can be automatically updated as each order is placed, while customer spend can be linked to previous transactions to give you a better understanding of each customer’s behaviours, preferences and loyalty.

No rekeying needed

EPoS integration also means that there’s no need for your team to take orders from one system and input them into your EPoS. All orders are received and processed with no manual rekeying necessary.

Delayed ordering and buffer times

Our intelligent online food ordering system will only show orders to your kitchen team when preparation needs to begin. Instead of simply printing tickets as orders are placed by customers, the system will delay displaying information until it’s actually needed. As a result, your kitchen is cool, calm and collected – not bombarded with orders that may not need processing for hours.

This is Zonal's click and collect system

Real-time menu and stock availability

An additional advantage of EPoS integration is that your customers always get a real-time view of your stock and menu availability. This avoids those awkward conversations some venue operators have with customers when they have to call the customer back and explain that their order needs to be changed.

EPoS integration means that you can publish site-specific meal deals and offers – great if you have a special promotion in a particular venue or have lots of stock you’d like to shift!

Configure the volume of orders per time slot

With our Click & Collect system you always retain complete control of the number of orders you receive through this channel at any given time. So if you know you’ll be busy with dining customers at peak times, you can simply set the system to reduce the number of orders that can be accepted. Your customers will then see a message advising them of the next available time slot for collection.

This means your kitchen is never overwhelmed with orders from multiple sources, and you can always ensure a steady flow of tickets.

This is the 'order specifications' icon

Order specifications: plate or bag

You can even give your customers extra choice in how their meals are presented. For example, do they want their dishes served in a box or on a plate? These are the small touches that make a real difference to the customer experience you deliver.

This is a 'voucher redemption' icon

Voucher redemption

Customers ordering online are often looking for promotional vouchers to get a special deal. EPoS integration means it’s quick and easy to redeem vouchers through our Click & Collect solution, with no rekeying needed.

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Secure checkout

Click & Collect payments and card details are processed safely and securely, by Braintree, which also accepts alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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“EPoS integration is the key to click and collect’s success. It means we can manage the flow of orders we receive, and seamlessly process each with a minimum of fuss.”
The Restaurant Group

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