With superfast transaction speeds, next-day transfers and more, Dojo is a next generation payments partner that offers 50,000+ businesses the innovative tools they need to thrive in the experience economy.

Dojo uses cloud-based technology to seamlessly link with Zonal’s EPoS.

Businesses can integrate completely free and experience faster transactions, fewer mistakes and happier customers.

Serve faster

Integrated payments pushes transactions from one devices to the other, so there’s no need to enter amounts twice.

Protect more profit

Dojo customers can save up to £140 a month in written-off revenue since any chances of miskeying errors are eliminated.

Cash up quicker

Cash and card takings automatically add up at the end of the day, so cashing up takes minutes, not hours.

Dojo by numbers

Dojo customers
Trustpilot rating. Dojo is the UK's most trusted payments provider.
Monthly written-off revenue saved with integration
2 hours
Saved each day cashing up.

Get the next generation of card payments

Get paid daily

Get your takings from 10am the very next day, even on weekends and bank holidays. And with Dojo only, at no extra cost.

Built-in 4G

Mobile connectivity kicks in if your Wi-Fi cuts out – so you can keep serving in your bar or restaurant no matter what happens.

Dojo app

Manage payments from your phone or laptop. View real-time transactions, next-day transfers, billing, and more.

PCI made easy

Do away with paperwork and become PCI compliant in just a few taps on the Dojo app.

Here's what Dojo customers have to say

“We recently chose Dojo to take card payments over the bar. We received a personal service and were taking payments minutes after we got our machine. Our staff find Dojo easy to use and our members and guests are over the moon they can now pay by card/mobile. Thanks Dojo!”
Philip, Dojo customer
“Speedy transactions, speed of delivery on new machine. One to one customer service all 100%. What more can I say? Perfect for our restaurant.”
The Lemon Tree, Dojo customer

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