FreedomPay is an award-winning tech company unleashing the power of its agnostic platform to enable Next Level Commerce with more than 1,000+ integrations, covering 75+ countries.

About FreedomPay

FreedomPay is a single independent, flexible and agile commerce platform working with hundreds of ISVs and nearly all global acquirers and processors. FreedomPay leads the industry in areas such as PCI-P2PE security solutions, alternative payment methods, local payment methods, geographic coverage, fully integrated capabilities, and the broadest industry and vertical use-case support.

Billions of payment transactions managed annually.

1000+ POS, PMS, mobile, web, and kiosk integrations

100% client retention.

75+ countries supported worldwide.

Unleash the Power of Pay

With billions of transactions processed a year – the best brands trust FreedomPay. FreedomPay evolves beyond multiple point solutions with a single, unified platform that can move any company to unleash the power of pay to reach Next Level CommerceTM.

Innovation and Transformation

FreedomPay has the most comprehensive integration available on the market today, including US, Canada, UK, Europe and the Middle East. Covering eCommerce, card-present, Safetech tokens, DCC, account updater services, ACH and more – merchants will find an industry-leading, fully integrated solution with the FreedomPay and Zonal technology stack.

Trusted Partner of Choice

This groundbreaking partnership between FreedomPay and Zonal has created the world’s fastest, most trusted, and more secure commerce check-out system. Combined brilliant minds in engineering have enabled Zonal and FreedomPay to devise a truly market leading, omnichannel solution.

FreedomPay is unleashing the power of pay to enable a next level experience for thousands of merchants across the world.

POS, PMS, mobile, web and kiosk integrations
Client retention
Countries supported worldwide
“With the ever changing landscape of hospitality because of the pandemic and the rise in online ordering and online experiences, we’re always innovating in the deployment of new technology solutions to meet our guests’ needs. FreedomPay gives us the ability to standardize how we are managing payments across all of our channels in an integrated way. It also provides guests with secure and convenient options for how they pay, both in-Shack and on our digital channels”
Dave Harris, CIO, Shake Shack
“The strategic partnership between Euronet Merchant Services and FreedomPay heralds the global expansion and broadening of services available to card paying clients. Our multi-faceted services, with FreedomPay’s platform capability, will see the addition of Tax-Free claim-back functionality, Dynamic Currency Conversion, and a diversification of accepted cards including local and more exotic card schemes to the portfolio, ensuring we meet the payment needs and requirements of an international audience.”
David Gebhardt, Managing Director, Euronet Merchant Services
“This partnership with FreedomPay brings together world-class commerce technology with industry-leading payment acceptance hardware solutions that drive global commerce by serving consumers and businesses to securely pay and get paid. Delivering innovation and trust is part of our DNA, and we are thrilled to be working with FreedomPay, who shares our ambitions to keep pushing our industry forward for our clients,”
Ben Love, President & CTO, Castles Technology North America

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