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With UK adults spending an average 3.5 hours a day online, the first experience and beginning of your customers’ journey with your hospitality business, for most, will start online on one of the three most influential platforms; Google, Facebook or Instagram. So whether it’s researching where to go out to eat, or sharing experiences of places visited, these super-channels play a significant role in driving customers to your door.

Reserve with Google, Facebook and Instagram from Mozrest enables you to convert Google searches, Facebook and Instagram followers into bookings, by adding a simple ‘book now’ button to your business listing. The button is connected up to your Zonal Table Reservation System and availability searches and bookings are made in real-time.

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How it works

  • A booking button is displayed on Google Search results, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram profile pages
  • Table availability is pulled directly from your Zonal Table Management system
  • Live table availability is published across Google, Facebook and Instagram
  • Bookings made on these channels are sent directly into your reservations diary
  • Customers receive an instant confirmation email, SMS and booking reminders


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Increase revenue

Convert searches and social interactions instantly to bookings and revenue

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Save time

No more duplication of effort: all availability and bookings managed from one central place

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Reduce mistakes

No more copying and pasting bookings from one place to another

Book with Google

Convert Google searches into reservations

Reserve with Google from Mozrest enables you to convert searches to bookings. A simple ‘book now’ button is added to your business listing and Google Maps entry in search results, and connected up to your Zonal Table Management System, so live availability is made available online, 24/7 for browsers wanting to book a table. Bookings automatically drop into your reservations diary and guest confirmation emails are sent out as usual.

Convert Facebook followers and friends into bookings

With over 2.9 billion active users, Facebook is the largest and most influential of all the social networks. Reserve with Facebook from Mozrest enables you to enhance your business presence on Facebook and convert more browsers to bookers.

Followers or friends of those who have checked-in to your venue on Facebook, can browse and book in one easy click. Live availability is pulled directly from your Zonal Table Reservation System and bookings are sent directly into your diary.

Book with Facebook
Book with Instagram

Convert Instagram browsers into bookings

As the 2nd most popular social media platform after Facebook, Instagram has over one billion active monthly users. Reserve with Instagram from Mozrest enables your pub or restaurant to be bookable directly from Instagram.

A booking button is added to your profile page and connected up to your Zonal Table Management System, so your live table availability is displayed at all times. Browsers to your profile page can make confirmed bookings and automatic email and SMS confirmations are sent out as usual.

Customers already seeing success with Mozrest

“Fantastic – a no-brainer, really! When I want to book a restaurant, the first thing I do is Google it… With Mozrest, our booking journey is now half the number of clicks compared to our competitors!”
Mitz Patel, Head of IT, Prezzo

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