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With last year’s snow filled winter going on for what felt like a decade, I think it’s safe to say us Brits have earned our long hot summer. Highs of 32, flip flops being an essential part of day to day life and the local pub garden being the most logical place to congregate and do what we do best moan that perhaps “it’s too hot” whilst sipping on a nice cold beverage.

Let’s face it the most imperative aspect of all decisions based on eating and drinking out during the summer months are centred around “do they have a garden”. Whilst that is fantastic for your customers it can be operationally challenging if your pub or restaurant hasn’t got the technology available to cater for outdoor dining and drinking.

With the longer and warmer summer days, people tend to drink more and if they are being looked after and not having to physically leave where they are sat they are likely to spend more, therefore, a solution like iServe could bring you additional revenue.

A dedicated EPoS handheld solution can streamline the entire process from taking orders to delivering them and collecting payment all without the customer needing to leave their seat. The comprehensive solution can be installed on any iOS device and work from anywhere in your venue, so not only is the process quicker it also reduces staff visits to the bar and kitchen, leaving your team more time to deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Speed of service paired with convenience is essential for diners, the GO Technology report found that 72% stated food not coming fast enough was their number one frustration followed by 45% who stated incorrect orders as a major annoyance when eating out. Therefore, an intuitive solution such as iServe is a must, with the capability to prompt staff with suggested ordering due to offers, stock availability and pricing ensures serving and kitchen staff work in harmony and a customer doesn’t have to worry about order mistakes or food delays.

One in six (17%) 25 to 34 year olds, according to GO Technology, say that not being able to pay quickly and move on is a major frustration. Once that last crumb and drop of wine has gone the consumer tends to be naturally ready to move on and therefore, having a quick handheld device that caters for integrated chip and pin payment as well as contactless functionality, including Apple Pay and Android Pay technology is the key to a satisfied customer.

At Zonal, we are constantly researching into the latest hospitality trends and utilising our quarterly consumer research to make sure we are always one step ahead and future gazing the newest technology solutions to bring to the market. Our core product offering is to install products that manage cumbersome tasks, so your bar and restaurant staff can focus on providing an all-round excellent experience for the customer.

So, make sure your EPoS is up to scratch and has the functionality to manage the summer influx of customers wanting to bask in the sunshine. Find out more here.

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