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This is Zonal's online booking system
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This is Zonal's handheld ordering system
Zonal’s handheld ordering solution, iServe, delivers a cost-effective, reliable replacement to the traditional order pad. Install iServe software on any iPod Touch/ iPad Mini to instantly create a handheld EPoS terminal.

With an intuitive user experience, team members can take orders, print and process payments from anywhere in your venue, providing a superior service to customers. iServe enables orders to be processed faster and tables turned around quicker. Staff visits to the bar and kitchen are reduced leaving your team more time to focus on your customer’s experience.

More cost-effective to buy and replace than traditional handhelds or fixed terminals, iServe is the perfect ordering solution to help streamline operations. Using recognisable iOS navigation, the user will quickly become familiar with the application and its easy-to-use interface.

Unlike other handheld solutions, should WiFi become unavailable, iServe will notify the user but continue to operate for ordering. Once the connection is re-established, offline orders will be submitted to the EPoS network.

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