Macdonald Hotels serves up a thoroughbred experience

Introducing Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

The UK’s largest privately owned hotel group

First hotel opened in Aberdeenshire in 1990

Operates 45 premium hotels throughout the UK

Great service and a passion for delivering excellence when it comes to the perfect stay

Employs over 4,000 staff servicing in excess of 4,500 hotel rooms

“Zonal’s technology has gone a long way to helping our staff take more orders, while reducing mistakes and speeding up service.”
Stuart Garrick, IT Director, Macdonald Hotels

The business challenge

Macdonald Hotels sought a new technology partner that could keep pace with the expanding hotel chain and connect their EPoS system with their other technology solutions.

Speed of service at busy times was impacting the customer experience

Staff had to write orders and run them into the kitchen manually

Increased risk of human error and missed orders

Minimal integration with its property management system (PMS)

“Zonal impressed from the outset with its full suite of technology solutions, real-time reporting and its capability to integrate with our property management system, OPERA.”
Stuart Garrick, IT Director, Macdonald Hotels
This is a Zonal till

The solution

Macdonald Hotels installed Zonal’s EPoS into their hotel bars and restaurants, and complemented this with Zonal’s iServe handheld ordering and payment solution.

  • iServe allows staff to take orders and payments at the table
  • Full EPoS integration with OPERA PMS
  • Customers enjoy speedy, seamless service, even at peak times and during busy events such as Ascot
  • Venues no longer need to employ ‘runners’ to take orders from outdoor spaces to the bar

“The difference is like night and day. Zonal’s technology offers no barrier to what we want to achieve.”
Stuart Garrick, IT Director, Macdonald Hotels


iServe has made a massive difference, with Macdonald’s Berystede Hotel in Ascot a perfect example. During race week – and on Ladies Day in particular – the bar is the place to be seen. Thanks to Zonal’s EPoS-integrated handheld solution, customers benefit from the quickest possible service, allowing them to make the most of their day at the races!

Orders being manually input
EPoS integration for operational efficiency
Integration with OPERA PMS to deliver reporting insights
“Ascot is our busiest time of year at Berystede. Thanks to Zonal technology we are delivering a ‘thoroughbred’ service that lives up to the Ascot experience!”
Stuart Garrick, IT Director, Macdonald Hotels

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