Meet your Zonal Innovation Team

With more than 40 years’ experience under our belts, and a team packed with industry natives, we pride ourselves on our employees’ expertise around what hospitality all is about. Meet some of our dedicated innovation team, responsible for the delivery of products across our connected ecosystem of technology solutions.

Glenn Tait

Product Director

Glenn, our Product Director, has been at Zonal for 12-years. Glenn started his journey as a Business Analyst and has had a hand in building most of Zonal’s vast ecosystem. Glenn’s wealth of experience is underpinned by understanding the customer needs, fuelling his dedication to crafting feature rich solutions that drive our customer’s business forward. Glenn fosters a hands-on, customer-centric approach, ensuring that Zonal’s versatile solutions align seamlessly with various operating models in the hospitality industry.

Claire Bartsch

Product Manager

Claire Bartsch, Product Manager at Zonal has been with the company for 15 years. Her extensive hospitality background enables her to craft solutions, prioritising customer needs and profitability. With an open-door policy, Claire ensures continuous improvement by listening to customer feedback and collaborating internally for optimal solutions. Her dedication to understanding individual customer requirements, fosters strong relationships and drives Zonal’s commitment to excellence.

Jordan Moffat

Tech Lead

Jordan Moffatt, Tech Lead at Zonal, brings eight years of customer-centric expertise. With a keen focus on understanding and meeting customer needs, Jordan and the team deliver tailored solutions and exceptional support. Jordan’s commitment to understanding customer requirements ensures customisable, powerful products for businesses in the hospitality sector.

Daniel Cook

Supply Chain Manager

Daniel Cook, Supply Chain Manager at Zonal embodies a customer-first approach, ensuring seamless operations behind the scenes. Converting customer requirements into actionable information for suppliers and overseeing the smooth deployment of hardware is Daniel’s main focus.

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