Meet your Zonal Support Team

With more than 40 years’ experience under our belts, and a team packed with industry natives, we pride ourselves on our employees’ expertise around what hospitality all is about. Meet some of our dedicated support team who focus on closely collaborating with our valued customers, to understand their individual challenges, identify their objectives, and provide tailored assistance to ensure they’re getting the most out of their Zonal technology.

Jay Desai

Senior Account Services Coordinator

Jay Desai is a Senior Support Coordinator at Zonal, seamlessly blending her IT background with hospitality expertise. With two years of experience, Jay effectively collaborates with various teams, ensuring smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Charlie Field

Account Services Director

Charlie Field, Account Services Director has worked at Zonal for over 13 years, brings a wealth of first hand hospitality experience to his role. With a background ranging from kitchen work to bar service. Charlie empathises with customers’ challenges and frustrations, fostering a deep understanding of their business needs, and offering tailored support to help them succeed.

Katie Bryant

Customer Success Consultant

Katie Bryant, draws from her extensive background in hospitality to personalise solutions for each customer’s unique needs. Her passion for both the industry and her customers drives her to go above and beyond, ensuring complete satisfaction and fostering strong relationships. Through personalised approaches and tailored onboarding processes, Katie delivers exceptional customer service, reflecting her commitment to the hospitality sector.

Kieran White

Field Engineer

Kieran White, a Field Service Engineer at Zonal since April 2023, brings valuable experience from the hospitality sector. Kieran’s familiarity with pubs and restaurants, intricate attention to detail and commitment to exceptional service enables him to provide tailored support to customers.

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