Face-to-Face Time: The teenage take on hospitality and technology

Stereotypical depictions of teenagers would suggest they are a species constantly glued to technology, more interested in socialising online from their bedrooms than out in the real world of cafes, cinemas, restaurants and pubs.

And while there may be an element of truth in the above, it also appears that, thankfully, hospitality still holds a broad appeal to the next generation of customers.

In our latest consumer research report we wanted to find out what teenagers really think, so, in partnership with specialist research firm, Trajectory, spoke to hundreds of 13- to 17-year-olds – both via a survey and in focus groups – to get a true sense of what they actually want.

Download the full report to discover how teenagers perceive hospitality, how important technology is to them, the factors that influence their decision-making process and much more.

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