GO Tech Consumer Research: Loyalty and Technology in 2021

Our latest GO Technology report in conjunction with CGA, reveals the popularity of loyalty schemes in restaurants, pubs and bars among both consumers and business leaders.

The research shows that half (49%) of consumers in Britain think loyalty schemes are important to them when choosing which restaurant, pub and bar to visit—more than double the total of 22% in February 2017. The report also highlights that once consumers start to use a loyalty scheme, they tend to make good use of it with nearly half (47%) say they use a scheme every or almost every time they visit a restaurant, pub or bar.

Find out more about loyalty in the year of COVID—and why the market’s recovery in 2021 could create new opportunities for engagement. Download the full report to discover all the findings.

About the data

This report is based on figures from Zonal and CGA’s GO Technology survey, a sample of 5,000 nationally representative British consumers. All figures are taken from the February & October 2020 editions of the survey.

Download the full report