Webinar | Future Guests: The teenage take on hospitality and technology

Stereotypical depictions of teenagers suggest they are a species constantly glued to technology rather than out in the real-world experiencing hospitality outlets. Although somewhat true, it also appears, thankfully, that hospitality still holds a broad appeal to the next generation of customers.

In our webinar ‘Future Guests: The Teenage Take on Hospitality and Technology’, we’ll be discussing findings from our recent research alongside strategic forecasting and futures research firm, Trajectory, as well as discussing what operators can do to prepare.

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • Teenagers’ perceptions of hospitality
  • Factors that influence their decision-making process
  • Which technologies they use and expect to see in the future
  • How operators Lane7 and The Alchemist are planning for this next generation of guests


  • Jack Jolly, Head of Creative, Lane7
  • Paul Jones, Head of IT, The Alchemist Bar and Restaurant
  • Glenn Tait, Strategic Product Manager, Zonal

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