Webinar | Using tech to enhance your customer journey and drive sales

Is your technology doing everything it can to enhance your customer journey, generate bookings and drive sales?

From optimising your online bookings through your website and tapping in to more potential customers via social media, to upselling via order & pay technology and re-booking incentives, technology can help you to provide a seamless experience and boost revenue at every stage of your customer journey.

In our latest webinar Henri Jooste, Strategic Product Manager at Zonal, and Amber Staynings, CEO and Founder at strategic sales & marketing experts Bums on Seats, explore how operators can ensure they’re getting the most out of their technology for a successful 2022.

This webinar will explore:

  • Key technology touchpoints throughout the hospitality customer journey
  • How this technology can help operators
  • The emerging technology and future bookings channels operators should be considering
  • A checklist for success for venues

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