Zonal has partnered up with Mozrest to provide Google, Facebook and Instagram booking facilities to pubs, bars and restaurants.

About Mozrest

Created in London in October 2020, Mozrest is the only company to offer a solution that simplifies and optimises customer acquisition by centralising all online reservations in your Reservation Management System of choice.

Reduce mistakes

Stop copy-and-pasting reservations from one place to another.

Improve visibility

Reach more customers and engage with them on Google, Facebook and Instagram, 24/7.

Increase revenue

Convert more Google searches as well as Facebook and Instagram followers to bookings.

Save time

Access all your bookings in one place and display your real-time availability automatically.

How it works

  • A booking button is displayed on Google Search results, Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram profile pages.
  • Table availability is pulled directly from your Zonal Table Management system.
  • Live table availability is published across Google, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Bookings made on these channels are sent directly into your reservations diary.
  • Customers receive an instant confirmation email, SMS and booking reminders.


Automatic real-time availability

Instant email confirmation

All reservations fall into your Reservation Management System

'Reserve now' button displayed on your Google search, Google maps, Facebook and Instagram pages, 24/7

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