Capture all bookings in one place

With liveRES Tables, Zonal’s all-in-one online booking and table management system, you can manage and centralise all your bookings. The powerful combination of an online booking solution plus a sophisticated table management system gives you complete visibility and control at all times.

Fully customisable branding

liveRES Tables comes with a fully customisable online booking widget and a suite of email communications, meaning your customers only ever see your name, logos, and branding – not those of any confusing third-parties.

Commission free – no hidden charges or large bills

Our liveRES Tables system helps you maximise your profits at all times. That’s why you only pay a flat predictable monthly fee with no commission to pay for each booking you receive – which means no unexpected costs at the end of each month no matter how busy you are.

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Maximise covers

One of the biggest benefits of our liveRES Tables technology is mid-session flexibility, giving you the option to redistribute your pre-assigned tables during busy periods, allowing you to maximise covers and optimise yield and profitability.

Real-time in-session views

Complete in-session visibility of every stage of your customers’ dining experience makes it easy to manage wait lists and walk-ins. From seeing who has just ordered starters to those who are ready to pay their bill, you have full control and flexibility to open up tables for rebooking at the earliest opportunity. You can even analyse average table times dependant on group sizes – no more relying on guesswork or estimations.

Email and SMS confirmations and reminders

Minimise dreaded no-shows – which account for up to 20% of restaurant bookings – by sending guests automated timely communications, from reconfirming their booking to a reminder email or SMS just before their visit. You can also allow guests to cancel or amend their bookings, allowing you to rebook the table as early as possible or reorganise your staffing as required.

You own 100% of your customer data

Data collected from bookings is yours alone, to use within your own marketing communications exactly as you want. We never use or share your data with 3rd parties.

Powerful insights and analytics

All bookings data gathered can be exported or manipulated, enabling you to make informed decisions around areas such as stock control and staff planning, helping you to operate with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Manage your floorplan

Allocate team members to sections of your venue’s floor and get full insight into bookings, allowing you to schedule staff according to how busy you are.

Designate bookable areas, giving your guests the ability to choose where they’d like to be seated within your venue. This could be based on a number of factors including access requirements, proximity to amenities and even weather conditions.

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Scalable solution

From small independents to large chains, our intelligent table management system can scale operations up and down as required. It’s the perfect table management system for all types of venues and sizes.

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Full EPoS integration

EPoS integration with liveRES Tables enables you to connect spend data with bookings data to build a detailed picture of each customer – perfect for creating one-to-one marketing campaigns that drive loyalty, improve retention, and increase spend.

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Take deposits at booking

Our online booking system accepts secure, PCI-compliant payments during the booking process, reducing the likelihood of no-shows and late cancellations – ideal for special occasions and large bookings where no-shows have a bigger impact on your bottom line.

Adding real value to your business

Zonal’s solutions are purpose-built for the hospitality industry, benefiting small independents and large chains alike.

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“Last Mother’s Day we did 602 covers in total and our capacity is 160. With the old pen and paper system, we had to increase everyone’s turn time to two hours or more. But now we just let the table management system do what it’s supposed to do.”
Caroline Jordan - Jolly Farmers, McMullen
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“Using Zonal Bookings meant we could open with confidence, knowing that we had full control over volume and flow of bookings. We could protect ourselves from any potential negative customer experiences due to overbooking, which in turn led to a totally successful launch.”
Adam Pearce, Co-founder, Butcher & Catch
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“Having a table management system allows us to plan and turn tables more effectively, so we can offer customers the very best experience whilst maximising the number of covers we do each day”
Arpita Anstey, Marketing Director, Bistrot Pierre
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