McManus Pub Company evolves from tech dinosaur to cutting-edge operator

Introducing McManus Pubs

Founded in over 40 years ago

Operates 17 venues across Northampton, Middlesex and Leigh-on-Sea

Offer a diverse range of venues, from wet-led pubs to snooker clubs

Pubs are bursting with character, real ale and great pub food

“We’ve gone from an old till and spreadsheet system to a modern day, integrated system. It’s made a fundamental difference in improving our business. Overnight it’s changed the way we do business.”
Chris Wright, Financial & Commercial Director, McManus Pub Company

The business challenge

McManus were using outdated systems that relied on a lot of manual tasks and Excel spreadsheets. This meant that core tasks took much longer than necessary.

Bookings were being manually added to a spreadsheet

McManus wanted greater access to business data to enable them to make more informed strategic commercial decisions

Stock taking was a slow, laborious effort

“I don’t want a portfolio of systems that don’t talk to each other. I want a frictionless system, where communication flows like a river, no dams, no obstacles. And Zonal is the bedrock of that.”
Chris Wright, Financial & Commercial Director, McManus Pub Company
This is Zonal's loyalty solution for McManus Pubs

The solution

McManus Pub Company chose Zonal as its new technology partner, with Zonal’s Aztec EPoS system at the heart of operations. Acquire, Zonal’s integrated purchase to pay solution that gives end-to-end, real-time visibility over every aspect of stock management, was also implemented across the business. By partnering with Zonal, McManus benefits from:

  • A powerful EPoS that integrates with other existing systems
  • Insightful reporting and business analytics
  • Quick and convenient ordering from tables
  • A centralised, cloud-based reservations diary, giving customers the ability to book quickly 24/7 from any connected device
  • An integrated stock and order solution
  • Complete control and visibility over ordering requirements and status
  • Automated reconciliation between goods in and stock levels

“The future for us is exploring modules around the EPoS system further. Now we have the bedrock and it’s part of our infrastructure we can extract the value out of it. One of our shareholders says it’s like driving a Porsche – we know there’s a lot more under the hood, now it’s time to get out of 1st gear!”
Chris Wright, Financial & Commercial Director, McManus Pub Company


Upgrading to Zonal has given McManus a huge range of benefits across every level of the business.

Local managers now work more efficiently, only needing to input information into the systems once
This is a clock icon
Staff can spend less time back-of-house dealing with admin, and more time front-of-house looking after customers.
Smooth professional booking due to a centralised diary and bookings kept in real time
of wet and dry purchases now processed through Acquire, reducing waste and optimising order process time

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