The Hotelier's Guide to Increasing F&B Revenue

Discover how industry-specific technology can help hoteliers maximise their F&B offering and boost revenue

With 57% of consumers stating that an on-site restaurant or bar as a ‘must-have’ amenity when looking to book a stay in a hotel, F&B presents a significant opportunity for hoteliers to drive revenue and increase guest spend. But it’s not just about having F&B on-site, it’s also about delivering great experiences and high-quality food and drink.

In this guide, we explore how you can maximise the appeal of your hotel’s F&B offering and drive revenue, including making the most of the booking journey to increase upselling, catering to guests’ demands for speed and convenience, and leveraging social media as a method of driving footfall.

Download this guide to discover:

  • Current hotel hotel consumer trends
  • How hoteliers can put F&B on guests’ radar during the booking journey
  • The importance of room service and accommodating digital-savvy guests
  • How industry-specific hospitality technology can help hoteliers streamline operations and maximise F&B revenues

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