Consumer Research: What Guests Want From Hotels in 2023

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Exclusive consumer research into trends, opportunities and challenges for UK hotels

With the cost-of-living crisis reducing disposable income, consumers are being much more careful with how they spend their money, especially when it comes to extras such as holidays and overnight stays.

Figures point towards another staycation boom for the UK hospitality industry this year, as consumers look to stay closer to home. But what sort of accommodation are they looking to book? How are they booking? And what do they want from their stay at a hotel?

In partnership with CGA NielsenIQ, we surveyed 2,000 hotel visitors to find out.

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What's in the report?

  • How much will reviews influence guests’ decisions on where to stay?
  • Which booking methods do guests trust the most?
  • Where will guests go to to find hotels to book?
  • What is the demand for F&B facilities and room service?
  • How can hoteliers increase revenues and deliver a seamless guest experience during the staycation boom?

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