Roseacre Pub Co joins up operations and lays the foundations for growth with Zonal’s EPoS

Introducing Roseacre Pub Company

Collection of 9 pubs across the midlands

Premium pubs and restaurants serving high quality food and drink

Founded in 2014

Celebrating 10th anniversary in 2024

“When we were looking for a new till provider, we were looking for a POS provider that had everything under one umbrella. We were looking for slick POS tills that could support with high volume, integrated card machines, a cash management system, e-commerce improvement and CRM data collection systems”
Ash Gartshore, Owner, Roseacre Pub Company

The business challenge

With an aim of delivering an excellent food and drink offering, accompanied by friendly, caring service across their collection of 9 pubs, the Roseacre Pub Company team sought out a technology partner that could help them achieve this consistently across each of their pubs, and deliver the best value to their customers.

The business was also experiencing a period of growth, with more pubs coming into the fold and plans for additional sites across the next few years, meaning choosing a provider that could support them as they scaled, easily incorporating new sites into the estate was vital.

The Roseacre team were also looking for a provider that could offer multiple connected systems under one umbrella to help them better join up operations, streamline cash management, consolidate reporting and better understand their customers across their entire estate to reduce admin and drive revenue.

“Zonal is so easy to use on a day-to-day basis, and the back office platform is really intuitive to use. It actually allows sites to be more independent, and there’s other members of the head office team now who can support day-to-day. It’s really empowered them to progress their careers.”
Andy Griffin, Head of Systems, Roseacre Pub Company

The solution

With these criteria in mind, the team at Roseacre Pub Company did their research and chose Zonal as their technology provider, working together to complete a phased implementation across their 9 pubs, managed carefully by our dedicated onboarding team.

Since making the switch day-to-day operations have been simplified across Roseacre’s estate of pubs – especially in relation to cashing up. Detailed, real-time reporting is available across the business to help resolve any queries that may arise, giving the team the tools to dig into the detail easily and make more effective decisions, quicker.

Utilising the data collected in their EPoS, the Roseacre team are also able to refine elements of their offering to drive additional revenue; analysing individual performance of products and ingredients, as well as products that are commonly purchased alongside these dishes, allowing them to tweak their menus and recommend upsells throughout the ordering journey.

Having intuitive, easy-to-use technology in place has allowed different sites within the business to operate more independently, as well as enabled more members of their head office team to progress their careers and upskill by supporting in more areas of the day-to-day operations of their pubs.

“It’s important to me that Roseacre always grows, but growth doesn’t always mean more sites. It means growth in technology, growth in engagement and growth in our people. There will be more sites in 2024 and 2025, and I look forward to working closely with Zonal to support that growth.”
Ash Gartshore, Owner, Roseacre Pub Company


Streamlined day-to-day operations, particularly around cashing up
Has helped to upskill their team
Removed the need to manage and maintain multiple systems, providing further time and cost savings
Supports their scaling, evolving business
Drives revenue through additional upselling opportunities

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